Who better to get inspiration from for short hairstyles than celebrities who are already sporting them?

1. Yao Chen

The leading actress in Divorce LawyerYao Chen, recently posted her short hairstyle on her Weibo with a teaser: "Hey girl, wanna a date?" Her suit with the short hair is quite impressive. 500K comments from her followers piled up immediately. 

2. Jeon Ji Hyun

After My Love From Another Star, Jun Ji Hyun is super busy with all kinds of commercial business. Now her costars in My Sassy Girl and in My Love From Another Star came together, shooting for Producer. She looks great in her short hairstyle. When will her next show be? We are waiting.

3.  Ruby Lin (Lin Hsin-ju)

Did you cry when you watched her drama The Way We Were? That drama is like The Notebook + Dear John + PS I Love You. Prepare the tissues when you start to watch it. Anyway, how do you like her in a short hairstyle?

4. Gu Hye Sun

She is beautiful in her long hair looks in Blood, but she is cuter in her short hair. If you watch Absolute Boyfriend, you will love Gu Hye Sun's short hair. 

5. Rainie Yang

As a Golden Bell Awards actress and TV host, Rainie Yang is quite active in mainland China and Taiwan. 

Drunken to Love You, one of her previous dramas, is coming to DF this Friday. As the second story for the "Love You" trilogy, this one came after Fated to Love You. Do you like her short hair looks?

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Among the five, which one do you like most? Or which one you think will perfectly fit you?