Celebrities...many times we look up to them precisely because of their charisma, talent, and confidence on the stage and screen. However, these dominantly positive images of the stars we love and adore can sometimes make us forget that they are humans too -- with burdens and traumas that they must face day in and day out. Just what kind of traumatic experiences haunt some of your favorite stars?

Gong Hyo Jin

Actress Gong Hyo Jin fell victim to a horrible car accident, in 2014, that resulted in her arm and leg being severely injured. And while undergoing two surgeries helped heal her physical injuries, the psychological trauma lingered on. The accident not only has caused Gong Hyo Jin to fear cars, but also caused her to have trouble sleeping requiring her to seek out mental care. 

Lee Sung Kyung

When actress Lee Sung Kyung was a young girl, her teacher would force feed her kimchi claiming she was a picky eater. To this day, Lee Sung Kyung still cannot eat kimchi because of the experience.

Sulli (Choi Seol Ri) 

When singer/actress Sulli was young, she was bullied and nearly drowned when older girls at her church forced her head under water and wouldn’t let her out -- which caused her to fear water. Recently, as a way to work though this trauma, Sulli acquired a scuba-diving license and has been facing the memories that still haunt her to this day. 

Sunny (Lee Soon Kyu)

After Girls' Generation Sunny was born, her family moved to Kuwait during the Gulf War. Understandably, this caused her to develop a fear of loud explosions. Due to this trauma, she still has a lot of trouble with pyrotechnics during concerts. When she is on stage and there are loud explosion sounds, her fellow group members have a habit of blocking her ears for her.


Namjoo, of Apink, confessed that due to the sever criticism (from netizens) she received after her debut, she developed a form of stage fright that made her fear being on the stage alone. However, in an attempt to overcome this traumatic experience she recently went on MBC’s ‘King of Mask Singer’ to face this fear.

No matter how long ago a particular traumatic experience occurred, trauma has a way of staying with you...sometimes forgotten, sometimes suppressed...but never fully gone. However, it is how these traumas are dealt with that defines a person and it is encouraging to see some of our favorite stars persevere on! 

What did you think of their experiences? Let us know your thoughts below!


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