There are many good reasons to watch Unkind Women. In addition to being a warmhearted family drama that stars female actresses with strong acting chops and romantic sparks with a certain eye candy, I have also uncovered 5 surprising connections about Unkind Women that may pique your interest. How about: Ji Chang WookLee Bo YoungSeo In GukKim So Eun, and even Lee Sang Yoon!

Before we start, here is a brief intro to the Unkind Women household: There is the grandmother, her two daughters, and her granddaughter. They each have a back story, and each will go through life with a unique set of issues. The story gradually unfolds and gets us involved in their extraordinary lives.

Unkind Women has an excellent cast and production team. What's also surprising is how they are connected beyond Unkind Women, sort of like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. There are at least 5 connections.

1. Ji Chang Wook connection

Do Ji Won plays the older daughter, who is a career woman. She just came off of Healer playing Park Min Young's mom, and she was Ji Chang Wook's mom in Smile Donghae.

Chae Si Ra stars as the feisty younger daughter who left high school after she was mistreated by an abusive teacher. She also played Ji Chang Wook's mom in Five Fingers, a complex drama involving dueling piano-playing brothers Ji Chang Wook and Joo Ji Hoon.

Kim Hye Ja is the straight-talking grandmother and cooking teacher. She was also Queen Mother in Goong, where Joo Ji Hoon was the royal prince. In real life, Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook are best buddies and recently went to Thailand together.

2. Lee Bo Young connection

The director of Unkind Women (Yoo Hyun Ki) also directed My Daughter Seo Young, which starred popular actress Lee Bo Young.

The writer of Unkind Women (Kim In Young) also wrote Man of Equator, which starred Lee Bo Young.

We know a show will be great when Lee Bo Young's director and writer have teamed up.

3. Kim So Eun connection

You may already know that eye candy Song Jae Rim is doing double duty as he is currently paired with Kim So Eun in the popular We Got Married reality show. But did you know Chae Si Ra is connected to Kim So Eun too?

Chae Si Ra, the younger daughter who seems to have failed in life in Unkind Women, was the star of The Iron Empress, where Kim So Eun played her younger self.

4. Seo In Guk connection

Lee Ha Na stars as the granddaughter and a college professor who lost her job. Luckily, she'll be romanced by Kim Ji Suk as well as one of Korea's hottest treasures, Song Jae Rim. (Read more about Song HERE.) Lee Ha Na previously starred with Seo In Guk in High School King.  

Lee Ha Na admitted in Unkind Women's press conference that it would be the first time that she's been romanced by an older man and an young guy at the same time. (We're jealous!)

Actor Lee Soon Jae plays the grandfather in Unkind Women, and he just came off tough palace duties serving the king from Seo In Guk's The King's Face.

5. Lee Sang Yoon connection

Handsome actor Kim Ji Suk plays the reporter who unintentionally got the granddaughter (Lee Ha Na) into trouble. He also starred in Angel Eyes as Gu Hye Sun's fiance but lost out to Lee Sang Yoon, who is endowed with the world's sweetest dimples.

Lee Sang Yoon was also in My Daughter Seo Young, which was directed by Unkind Women's director.

It explains why Lee Sang Yoon made a cameo appearance in Unkind Women. Have you caught sight of the man with the best smiling dimples?

It was a lot of fun to uncover these interesting connections. I'm sure if I looked deeper, I would have found even more links.

Out of these 5 interesting connections, Lee Sang Yoon actually did a surprise cameo in episode 3. Can we hope for other cameo appearances, especially by the others on this list?

What do you think these connections? Are you watching Unkind Women?

~ NancyZdramaland