When a Snail Falls in Love has risen to become a hit drama for Chinese and International viewers. A big driving force is the hot and handsome Wang Kai who also stars in Nirvana in Fire. Find out how he rose from an unknown actor to become the perfect embodiment of charisma, masculinity, and maturity.

1. Wang Kai rose to fame in Nirvana in Fire, playing the overlooked prince who would emerge as the winner in the competition to become the next Emperor. He has won many awards for his outstanding performance, and his popularity has risen rapidly since 2015. 

2. Previously, Wang Kai came to viewers' attention for playing a make-up artist in Ugly Wu Di, the Chinese version of the Colombian TV series, Yo soy Betty, la fea, which was also remade into Ugly Betty in the U.S.

3. He waited years for the perfect role. After Ugly Wu Di (2008-2010), he continued to work but refused roles that would typecast him. He wanted serious characters that better suited his true style. He would have to wait until 2014 to shine as a policeman in the period drama, All Quiet in Peking

4. He dubs for himself, meaning when you hear him speak in a drama, you are hearing his very own voice, and it's a very attractive manly voice with perfect diction. Needless to say, the voice goes along with the man.

5. He can sing! We have 2 fantastic examples here.

He sang for Nirvana in Fire in the song, "Blood is red and hot forever," about Hu Ge's heroic character, Lin Shu. The lyrics praised righteous bravery tinged with sadness, because Wang Kai's Prince Jing ascended the throne but had to send his best friend to the battlefield and likely death.

(This fan-made video has many memorable images of Wang Kai and Hu Ge from the drama.)

He also sang for The Disguiser, a 2015 period drama, which also stars Hu Ge and Jin Dong, about Chinese resistance fighters who battled against Japanese invaders during WW II.

In this video, he actually sang live during a TV program. After he finished, he said his throat was feeling rough that day. Could you tell?

6. He chose acting over his parents' objection. Before Wang Kai aspired to become an actor, he worked at a bookstore after he graduated from high school. His parents preferred a stable job for him, but he decided to enter the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. He debuted in a TV drama in 2006.

Success hasn't come quickly or easily. But for Wang Kai, after 10 years in acting, his golden era has just begun!

Not getting enough of Wang Kai? Check out his new drama, When a Snail Falls in Love, where he leads of team of detectives to solve major crimes and also find romance.


When a Snail Falls in Love - 如果蜗牛有爱情

Starring Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen

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