South Korean celebrities choose to vacation right in our own backyards. Their down time can be spent relaxing, studying, or doing more work. There are a number of things our favorite stars do on vacation, but it's the location that really matters.

Let's take a look at a few of the surprising locations around the globe where stars do what they want to do.  

1. The United States 

Park Shin Hye loves to relax on our East and West coasts! The Pinocchio actress was spotted strolling down the streets of New York in May 2014. Months later, she enjoyed the relaxing and luxurious vibe of Los Angeles with her friend. 

In 2011, Actress Han Ji Hye relocated to Chicago to study before she embarked on another K-drama filming. 

2. Liberia 

When she is not caring for local charities, Kim Ah Joong travels abroad to do good deeds. In 2013, the Punch actress flew to Liberia to aid the Save The Children organization. The Prime Minister and I actor Yoon Si Yoon joined her for the humanitarian trip.

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3. Indonesia 

Angel Eyes hunk Lee Sang Yoon helped the poor in the country with medical, housing, and educational needs last year. Following the TV series' wrap, he jetted over to his fellow Asian neighbors to give a helping hand. He has been in charge of a charity project called Hope Road since 2010.

4. Haiti

Wonder Girls' Sunye spent her free days doing volunteer work in Haiti during the height of her band's success. She met her husband James Pak on one trip, and the pair plans to spend much more time there aiding the locals over the next few years.

5. Europe

South Korean stars' fascination with European countries can be found in SHINee's choice of vacation spots in their One Fine Day special on MBC. Key and Minho chose London, England, while Taemin toured Switzerland.

Which location is closest to where you live? 

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