Every K-drama fan needs the perfect K-drama themed birthday cake! Luckily, Korea is already way ahead of you! From Heirs to Secret Garden, these delicious-looking K-drama themed cakes are perfect for every K-drama super fan!

Check out the 5 cakes below and try not to get too excited over how awesome they are! These are definitely on the top of my wish list for my birthday!

1. Rooftop Prince

This is such an amazingly well thought out cake! All the characters are represented perfectly. And I love the addition of the rooster weather vanes!

2. My Love From Another Star

This was definitely one of my favorite kisses from My Love From Another Star! I'm definitely glad this moment was immortalized in cake form.

3. Heirs

Look how adorable Kim Tan and Eun Sang look! I seriously love how perfect and detailed Kim Tan's blue jacket is.

4. Secret Garden

This is another really well-thought-out cake. Kim Joo Won's expression is priceless, and I love the way the cake artist has a little Woo Young lounging in the front!

5. You're Beautiful

This is my personal favorite! This You're Beautiful cake features the drama's band A.N.Jell! I Will Promise You will love this cake! (Get it?)

Which of these amazing cakes is your favorite? If you could get a cake featuring one drama, which would you choose? Comment down below!

Watch Yoo Yun Suk and Kang So Ra in the warm and sweet new series from the famed Hong sisters, Jeju Island Gatsby:

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