Hallyu star Lee Min Ho (27) and "nation's first love" Suzy (20) are officially dating. As this unforeseen news broke out, fans are wondering why they fell for each other. Here are our best guesses on what they saw in each other.

1. Lee Min Ho wanted to film with Suzy for a long time

In a radio interview on April 1, 2013, the host asked Lee Min Ho which actress he'd like to film a melodrama with, mentioning Suzy and IU. Lee Min Ho replied, "Yes, it'd be my honor. Miss Suzy continued her acting career so I've been closely following her works. One day I thought I'd want to film with her," he added.

2. Suzy likes caring men

Suzy said in an interview with Section TV Entertainment News in 2013 that she would like to be with someone who is caring and understanding. She has also picked actor Kang Dong Won as her Mr. Right in multiple interviews. 

3. Lee Min Ho likes someone with whom he can easily converse

Lee Min Ho said in an interview with a fashion magazine, "I like someone I can easily converse with. Everyone has their own charms. Women are attractive when they know they are charming." 

4. Suzy likes a pretty smile

Suzy mentioned in the same interview, "My Mr. Right is someone with single eyelids who is pretty when smiling." This one fits the bill perfectly because Lee Min Ho has gorgeous smiles!

5. Lee Min Ho likes a confident/clumsy combo

"I am attracted to someone who has her own style," Lee Min Ho said in the same interview, "I like a woman who is confident about herself and knows her own charms. When she is clumsy, I think that also is attractive."

See Suzy in the fantasy historical series Gu Family Book:

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