Can you believe that Ji Chang Wook is actually shy? The action star of The K2 has always given us a fearless impression, but he has some secret fears. Find out about what he truly loves and fears, when the handsome leading man sat down with the Femina China magazine in a heart-to-heart interview for his pictorial.

1. When he first started acting, he was so afraid that he would actually tremble when he stood in front of the camera.

He admitted that he had a fear of the camera. Memorizing dialogues was so all consuming that he even spoke his lines in his sleep. Eventually, he learned and matured by observing and learning from the senior actors. 

2. He is afraid of ghosts and height.

He didn't elaborate, but does this mean he doesn't like sleeping with the lights off?

3. Stranger danger? Our tough guy is very shy with strangers, contrary to his public image.

He warms up with people he knows and would do pranks with friends.

4. When asked which physical feature he loves the most on himself, he is most proud of his (muscular) shoulders, but it makes it hard to fit into clothes.

Fans love those strong shoulders too!

5. He loves to eat, even at the risk of losing his 6 packs. And, guess whose cooking he loves the most?

He told the interviewer that he loves to eat the Chinese takeouts when he films in China. He enjoys hot pot, grilled lamb, and roast duck. He can cook an excellent ramen, too. (No wonder he knew how to help Yoona in the adorable ramen scene.) When he is home, his mother cooks for him and he is only responsible for eating.

We've told you what Ji Chang Wook looks for in a girlfriend, but the handsome leading man also wants someone who can really understand him. Now that he has revealed his loves and fears, would you like to get to know him more?

New action and mystery thriller The K2 is on air. Let's not keep Ji Chang Wook and Yoona waiting!

They say the shortest route to a man's heart is through his stomach. So fangirls, what would you cook for Ji Chang Wook if you could?

~ NancyZdramaland

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