Miss Hammurabi press conference was just like how Kim Myung Soo (INFINITE's L) had described the drama’s film set: filled with laughter. Go Ah Ra and Kim Myung Soo’s Miss Hammurabi premiered yesterday, and here are the highlights from this K-drama’s press conference.

1. The cast members are basically family

Filming set is essentially a workplace, which means not all sets are going to be family-like. Luckily on the ‘Miss Hammurabi’ filming set, the younger actors Go Ah Ra, Kim Myung Soo, Ryoo Duk Hwan, and Lee Elijah were nice enough to care for Sung Dong Il. When asked to talk about the colleagues, Dong Il jokingly said, “Myung Soo sang for me and brought me ginseng energy drinks. But that only lasted for the first two weeks … Ah Ra also fed me snacks, so I stopped having breakfast at home. The hoobaes were very nice to me”

2. Playing a judge was a challenge

Ah Ra admitted to the challenge. She met with the female judges who were the models for her character Park Cha Oh Reum, and studied their styles, moves, and so on. Both Ah Ra and Myung Soo hung out in the courthouse a lot to get the feel for the characters.

3. We’ll get to watch Go Ah Ra and Kim Myung Soo’s (INFINITE's L) grow together

“Im Ba Reun (Myung Soo) and Park Cha Oh Reum’s (Ah Ra) funny misunderstandings will get you hooked,” Myung Soo says. But as the story progresses, you’ll fall for how they fall for each other.

4. Sung Dong Il and director Kwak Jung Hwan are frenemies

We figured they’re frenemies, because they love to give each other crap. When asked why we should watch ‘Miss Hammurabi,’ director Kwang said, “You’ll be surprised. This is Sung Dong Il’s best work so far.” When it was Dong Il’s turn, he took it further “To be honest, ‘Miss Hammurabi’ is (director Kwan’s) best work to the point the rest of his work seems trivial,” He said. “Director Kwak says we’re expecting slightly higher views than ‘Descendants of the Sun.’”

5. Ryoo Duk Hwan and Lee Elijah make the best sidekick romance

In fact, Duk Hwan finds Elijah’s role “super attractive.” In the drama, he plays judge Jung Bo Wang who can't help but fall for the office's sexy, charismatic stenographer Lee Do Yeon (Elijah).

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Miss Hammurabi

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