You guys loved 5 things to expect from a Korean guy that we came up with one from a guy’s perspective.

1. She’ll wait for you to initiate

Korean women in their 20s probably learned to see love as a game. Unlike Amy Winehouse, they want to win. Whether you guys met through a sogaeting (blind date) or dating app, she’ll expect you to message her first, lead the conversation, and eventually ask her out. If you don’t, she’d assume you’re not that into her.

2. She’ll be stylish and feminine

Korean women tend to dress well and have a feminine personality, according to the three panelists of talk show ‘Non-Summit.’

3. Curfew

Korean young adults live with their parents before they marry not because they’re broke, but because that’s the norm. Most Koreans I’ve met in Korea live with their parents unless they’ve relocated for work or school. Expect her to have a curfew and offer to take her home, even if her place is out of your way. She’ll appreciate it through and through.

4. She’s going to be busy

If you know anything about the Korean corporate culture, you’d be aware that there’s no work life balance. Last minute things do come up at work. Just know that she’s not making up excuses to not see you when she cancels on you last minute. Since she’ll be busy juggling work, friends, family, and you, be prepared to text 24/7. And don’t play the waiting game. Text right away.

5. She’ll take good care of you

Once you start dating and get to know each other well, she’ll want to take care of you in ways that are really sweet. She’ll surprise you with small gifts that you didn’t know you needed.

What do you think of Korean dating culture? Comment below!

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