For Park Shin Hye, meeting with fans is her utmost honor. This month she is hosting first two installments of her Dream of Angel tour in Tokyo, Japan, on March 15, and in Shanghai, China, on March 28. Based on her Asia tours since 2013 and a myriad of talk concerts, you can expect to see these 5 things at her upcoming tours.

1. Lucky few will get to see her up close and maybe get a hug

At her birthday party in Seoul, South Korea, on February 14, Park Shin Hye played games with the fans, giving them hugs and and taking selfies with them. At other talk concerts, she's given handmade presents to fans. 

"To be able to host Asia tours is my utmost happiness. I felt tired when I rushed preparing for the tour right after ending [Pinocchio], but I had fun on stage," Park Shin Hye said in an interview with Asia Today.

2. She’s curious to know what you like about her

She loves her fans and wants to get to know them. "When I finish a drama, I feel pressured for the next one. But when I see the eyes twinkle (at the fan meetings), I am invigorated to work on the next drama. So I tell my fans, ‘I want to enjoy this moment with you,’" Park Shin Hye said in the interview. At the birthday party last month, she listened to fans say which dramas and characters she played they liked the most.

3. She will sing for you

As her fans, we all know she's a great singer. She has been singing for the soundtracks of her dramas since 2009. Last year, she released two single albums, Arm Pillow and My Dear (Flower). At a 2012 talk concert in Japan, she played the guitar and sang. At other talk concerts, she's even danced to K-pop!

4. She wants to share her plans with you

Park Shin Hye loves to share her plans with fans. At the birthday party, fans listened to her thoughts on her latest drama Pinocchio with actor Lee Jong Suk, her future plans, Mr. Right, and dreams. 

5. You will have fun

After all, you'll be with Park Shin Hye, the prettiest, trendiest Korean actress. She will be overcome with joy to be with you. You will get to know her in person and fall in love with her all over again. Sadly she hasn’t hosted any tours in North America, but be sure to check DramaFever News regularly for her upcoming tour schedule.

Watch Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho's Heirs below:

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