Tong Da Wei, one of the most reputable actors in China, and the most reliable actor in terms of TV ratings and popularity, has a wonderful family and extraordinary career. Everything about him can be caught by the media. Well, here are the things you may not know about him.

1. He is a good at Tai Chi. When he is free on the shooting site, he sometimes practices his Tai Chi skills.

2. We know Tong Da Wei is a good husband and father, but you have no idea how great he could be. In 2012, when he and his wife attend Cannes Film Festival, his wife was hurt by her high heels so he actually carried her all the way from the hotel to the red carpet. He said being his wife's best friend is the key. His wife and he started dating back in college.  

3. He loves the challenging characters when it comes to acting, always choosing characters who are different and fresh. If you have a chance to watch his recent movie Hollywood Adventures, you will be amazed by his "outfits."

4. He gradually managed to step from the small screen to big screen. He was very hardworking and participated in almost 50 dramas and 20 movies. As an A-list actor in China, he worked with the top actresses in China as well. He was with Zhao Wei in Dearest, with Fan Bing Bing in Lost in Beijing, with Zhou Xun in Meet Miss Anxiety, and with Zhang Ziyi in The Crossing.

5. Tong Da Wei has a 5-year-old daughter and he claimed that he is not like "Cat Dad" in Tiger Mom.

In a BBC article, readers popularized the term “cat daddy,” which describes an approach to education with a mild and relatively relaxed attitude. Although Tong Da Wei plays a "cat dad" on the series Tiger Mom, it doesn't match his real-life parenting style.

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