Are you addicted to the beautiful dresses in Imperial Doctress? For your reference, there are over three hundred costumes in this drama! During the Ming Dynasty, there were a lot of new changes to Chinese clothing, and you can observe these fashion elements, which significantly impacted the countries surrounding China, in the drama. You may even find that these clothes look something like the ones in Jewel in the Palace, since Joseon Korea was heavily influenced by the Ming Dynasty. Here are five things you need to know about these special costumes! 

1. The Emperor's Outfits

One emperor's outfit was called "Yi Se," which was used for outings. The clothes were sewn in the pattern of dragons, which was the symbol of the powerful and the distinguished. 

Another kind of clothing for an emperor was armor. You can also see the dragon on the armor in this drama. Gold is the color for the royal family.

The third type was called "Guan Fu" in Chinese, which normally was used for a grand ceremony, such as welcoming a diplomatic.

The emperor's regular outfit was called "Chang Fu."

2. The Empress's Outfit

While a dragon was the symbol of the emperor, the phoenix was actually the symbol of the empress. We often see the phoenix's shape in hairpins on the empress's head. The pattern is also sewed on outfits. The empress's outfit is called "Da Shan" in Chinese.

3. The Female Officials' Outfits

In Chinese, it is called "Ao Qun." For female officials in the palace, they were supposed to wear such a costume, and the color and textile suggested different rankings. Meanwhile, the male officials' family members also wore this type of outfit representing rank and title. 

4. The Consort's Outfits

For consorts, who were also the emperors' wives, they were in a lower rank in the palace, but were higher than the female officials. Their costumes were called "Pi Feng," and they look like a coat cover. 

For officials' female family members, their clothes looked very similar but were called differently. They were called "Shan Zi" in Chinese. The main difference remained in the materials and pattern of the design.

5. The Wedding Outfits

Red was the color of weddings in the Ming Dynasty. Spoiler alert for the wedding!

Which costumes are your favorite? Comment below! 

There are even more beautiful dresses to see in this drama! Watch Imperial Doctress now:


Imperial Doctress

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