You've probably heard of A.C.E if you watch K-pop reality shows like Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit. This boy band, which put its name on Bilboard’s 10 Best New K-Pop Acts of 2017, is coming to New York City for a K-Expo concert on September 30 (More info here). Before you mark your calendar, scroll down to learn more about these five cuties!

1. A.C.E gained buzz by a BTS cover

Before the official debut, A.C.E proved they can do a BTS cover better than anyone else on the streets of Hongdae. The boy band debuted in May 2017 with a single called Cactus.

2. A.C.E means much more than an ace

A.C.E stands for Adventure Calling Emotions, meaning feelings that evoke adventure. Their catchphrase is “Set to be a hero.” In addition to A.C.E, its member Chan is a main vocalist at UNB, a project boy group that consists of members from different bands.

3. Billboard recognized A.C.E as one of the best new K-pop acts

A.C.E proudly got on the list of the top 10 new K-pop acts that debuted in 2017 along with Wanna One, Kim Chungha of the now disbanded I.O.I, and Samuel Kim Arredondo of Revenge Note 2. According to Billboard, "... based on the high-quality performances they’ve shown so far, their brand of electro K-pop is something to keep anticipating."

4. They may be the hottest zombies ever alive

No words needed. Just watch the video above!

5. A.C.E attended KCON Japan this spring

A.C.E got a chance to communicate with fans at KCON, even teaching them their dance moves. Are you wondering when they’re coming to the United States? Their concert is coming up in New York City on September 30 at K-Expo!

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