Since  Goblin is giving smash hit Descendants of the Sun a run for its K-drama money, it seems I was not the only one who holed myself up this weekend to catch up on the episodes in lieu of some much-needed holiday shopping. But while my kids may now be getting coal in their stockings, I am all caught up, and can say without reservation that I love everything about this show. And while the romance between Gong Yoo's goblin and Kim Go Eun's goblin's bride is great, it is the amazing bromantic relationship between our titular Goblin and the Grim Reaper, played by Lee Dong Wook, that steals every scene and really has me hooked. These two unlikely roommates need a sitcom all their own, and their burgeoning friendship is one that puts even Taylor Swift's famed friend squad to shame. Here are my top five reasons why the bromance between these two should be giving all of us BFF relationship goals.

1. When your bestie knows you’re feeling down and tries to cheer you up.

Okay, to be fair, I would be better at this myself if it rained every time my BFF was feeling low, but watching our adorably standoffish grim reaper give some tough-love advice to Gong Yoo’s goblin while a literal storm brews inside their house is one to watch. Friends don't let friends create rainstorms. 

 2. When they are always there to share a meal (or a K-drama) with you

It's a busy world, especially when you are out there shuttling the dead into the light or incurring wrath on, well, everyone or anyone who bugs you. And yes, when our goblin and grim reaper do sit down to a meal, they often pretend that they hate each other with their knife, fork, and condiment throwing antics, but remember these are both two lonely dudes that probably haven’t had a friend in a millennia. And when they aren't together, it's pretty clear they miss the love/hate bromance blossoming between them. And the scene below where they all watch a K-drama: DAEBAK. 

  3. When your BFF is there to watch you freak out before your big date

If you haven’t watched this show yet, then you are missing out on some next-level Gong Yoo adorableness.  Coffee Prince was my very first, and most beloved, K-drama, and while both Gong Yoo and I are older and wiser now, the man has not lost one ounce of that princely charm of his, including being a bit insecure when it comes to impressing goblin brides. BFF Lee Dong Wook is there to help him through his epic freakout over what he should be holding if he is summoned by his bride so that he looks the coolest. Really glad he talks him out of the abstract art!  

4. When your bestie is willing to let you know your outfit is all wrong

Lee Dong Wook is one of my favorite comic actors. Ever since I first saw him in Wild Romance, I’ve dug his understated comic style. And the interaction between him as Grim Reaper and Gong Woo as Goblin over the Reaper’s questionable taste in head apparel is one to remember. I’ve got to say, while I always love crazy Korean fashion, I'm with Goblin that the hat needs to take a trip of its own into the haberdashery afterlife.

5. When you are there to help in a dangerous situation, in slow motion, like a badass

Is your human priestess / high school girlfriend in trouble with some loan sharks? Why go fight alone when you can bring a grim reaper along for a double dose of supernatural awesomeness. And let's all give a slow clap for the synchronized slow motion walking they do in the darkness. Only BFFs can match pace like that and look so cool. If new friends are silver and old friends are gold, a friend that can help you when you need to shear a car in half to protect your lady friend is truly priceless.  

There you go, five reasons why these two have a bromance for the ages! Why do you love these two together? 


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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