It’s always heartwarming as a fan to find out that a star you support not only has the looks and talent to win your love, but also a heart that truly deserves your adoration! Well, Lee Min Ho fans will not be surprised to hear that he has proven, time and time again, that his dedication to a better tomorrow is not only genuine, but also wholly worth our admiration. Check out these 5 times Lee Min Ho gave back and inspired!

1.  The time he collaborated with Holt International Children’s Service to promote children’s welfare

Holt International Children’s Service, a charity that offers help to children in Korea, Mongolia, Cambodia, and Tanzania, revealed (February 2016) that they had entered into a social contribution agreement with Lee Min Ho’s charity platform PROMIZ, accompanied by a donation of about $40,550 USD.

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2.  The time he generously donated to Hope Primary School in Guangzhou, China

While on his promotional trip to China, Lee Min Ho once again demonstrated his kindness towards children when he generously donated various personal items to a charity auction, raising over $15,000 USD.

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3.  The time he pitched in to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake

Lee Min Ho donated over $90,000 USD to help the Nepalese people who were suffering from the catastrophic 2015 Nepal earthquake. However, he did this not in his own name, but under the name of his fan club “Minoz” in order to show his appreciation for his fans all over the world!

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4.  The time he founded PROMIZ as a way to work with his fans towards a brighter tomorrow

In 2014, Lee Min Ho started PROMIZ, a social donation platform, as a means of collaborating, promoting, and focusing the various charitable efforts already being undertaken by the Minoz. PROMIZ is not only a way of participating more directly in charitable activities, but also a means of bringing light to causes Lee Min Ho supports as it introduces new yearly campaigns.

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5.  The time he participated in Cheil Worldwide Charity’s fundraising bazaar

Right after the filming of the last episode of Heirs, Lee Min Ho and costar Park Shin Hye attended a charity event and donated personal items to be auction off with all proceeds going to the charity. His fan club also donated 5 tons of rice in his name.

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Isn’t Lee Min Ho’s dedication to a better world inspiring?  



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