My Mister’s Lee Ji Ahn (IU) is mentally strong and far from the Cinderella type of K-drama leads we’ve seen. In My Mister, she delivers strong, badass lines, surprising those around her. But off-camera, she’s still the same 24-year-old actress we know and love. Scroll down to reveal five times IU gave us a girl crush on and off-camera (minor spoilers)!

1. When Ji Ahn brushed off Dong Hoon’s concern

Ji Ahn asks Dong Hoon to buy her food and drinks for a month. Dong Hoon says he’s worried their colleagues will see them together and spread rumors. Ji Eun cynically brushes off his concern, saying, “You must think you're so attractive."

2. When Ji Ahn called out Dong Hoon

At their first dinner, Dong Hoon, not knowing what to say, asks Ji Ahn what her dad does. Instead of answering, she gives him a lecture about the impertinence of his question.

3. When Ji Ahn won’t be intimidated by her boss

When Chae Ryung threatens Ji Ahn with exposing the photo of her kissing Dong Hoon, she counter-threatens Chae Ryung by bringing up her affair with a colleague of theirs.

4. When she had too much beer and couldn’t stop laughing

Did you know IU can’t stop laughing when she drinks?

"I didn't know I'd be drinking this much," IU tells a producer in the video above (start from 1:10). apparently, she’d been drinking since they started filming the bar scene. When the staff members shoot a suspicious glance at Sun Gyun, he shouts, “I didn’t make her drink!” which makes everyone erupt with laughter.

5. When she looked exhilarated by Lee Joon Ki’s thoughtful gift

Last Thursday, IU shared a pic of a food cart delivered by Lee Joon Ki, her Scarlet Heart: Ryeo costar. Joon Ki introduced himself as "debt collection lawyer Bong Sang Pil” on the food cart, suggesting he could help Ji Ahn pay back her loans while also promoting his upcoming drama, Lawless Lawyer. IU wrote on her post, "You wait, Kwang Il. Ji Ahn will be all set with lawyer Bong Sang Pil."

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