Park Hae Jin may be incredibly good at playing villains and questionable characters in dramas and films, but in real life, the Cheese in the Trap actor has proven that he has a heart of gold. Here are 5 times Park Hae Jin inspired us by helping others!

1. The time he volunteered all day at a children's center.

Park Hae Jin spent his birthday playing with the kids, feeding them delicious food, and working on projects to fix up the school. He said, "All of the children here are our future and dream. I hope that many people would join me investing for their dream, and I also hope that many educators will show more interest in these children." Oh. My. Heart! 


2. The time he showed he cares not only for the children, but also for the elderly.

Park Hae Jin donated all of the proceeds from the opening of his Park Hae Jin Theater, $100 million KRW ($94,000 USD), to senior citizens in need. He also personally delivered briquettes to senior citizens who live alone in Guryong Village.


3. The time that instead of suing his haters, he personally invited them to go out and serve in the community with him.

In 2014, when a malicious group began spreading rumors about Park Hae Jin online, the actor rightfully sued them, but to those who issued an apology, he withdrew his lawsuit if they volunteered in community service with him. 

He planned a day where he met with his attackers at Seoul’s shanty town, Guryong Village, to deliver winter essentials to those in need. Park Hae Jin’s agency announced, “On October 31, Park Hae Jin had a volunteer service event with his fans and the netizens who left him hurtful comments.” He even made sure to approach his former attackers and befriend them! 



4. The time Park Hae Jin returned to serve in Seoul’s Guryong Village for the third year in a row.

Park Hae Jin isn't one to serve one time and then forget about it. He has a list of sites that he returns to serve in year after year, including Seoul’s shanty town, Guryong Village in Gangnam, where on he delivers coal briquettes, daily necessities, and donations to over 150 residents.

When a news outlet asked him why he returns every year, he stated, “There is something money cannot solely fulfill. When I deliver coal briquettes to a resident's house, I am touched when they smile at me. It’s the warmth that I experience that cannot be fulfilled through a money donation. When (celebrities) volunteer, people think of the neglected class for once. If one person becomes interested in them, that’s enough.”


5. The time he was appointed Honorary Head of the Civil Service and Volunteer Department.

Park Hae Jin was recognized for his ability to inspire others to serve when he was deemed an honorary head of the Korean Civil Service and Volunteer Department. 


Isn't Park Hae Jin amazing? Are you feeling inspired to go out and serve now? Comment below! 


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