After telling myself for years that I can’t watch any Korean dramas, I was finally sucked in to watching one. That one drama turned out to be Answer Me 1997, and it was like my life had got turned upside down. But what struck me the most as a K-pop fan was the main character, Shi won. In many ways, she reminded me of my friends and I and how we would fangirl over our favorite artists. While there are many moments we could relate to her, here are 5 times that prove Shi won from Answer Me 1997 is just like us.

1. She’s just as devoted as we are

Being a K-pop fan also comes with some criticism. We are constantly being asked “Why do you listen to something you can’t understand?” or “Why are you so invested in these groups?” Well, the answer is simple! If we find something that makes us happy, do you really think we wouldn’t get invested in it? At least you’ll have something in your life that you can be passionate about. Second, yes the music is in Korean and it’s not a language I understand at the moment, but it’s not hard looking up a translation on Google. These days fandoms are very quick to translate songs and music shows. Plus, it’s a new pathway to learning a whole new culture and language. I mean, even I’m taking Korean classes now!

2. She got into college because of H.O.T., and people are doing theses in college over K-Pop

Yes, it is true! I’ve known some acquaintances to do theses about K-pop in undergraduate and graduate school. I think it’s fascinating to see people do this kind of research over K-pop. It just goes to show that K-pop can help with your school studies as well.

3. She defends her bias to the end, and you know you do too

If there’s one thing about Shi won and her bias is that she was very protective over H.O.T. One of my favorite scenes has to be before the award show where H.O.T. fans and Sechkies fans were basically in an all out fan war! You know these days you feel slightly defensive when it comes to your favorite group. Granted, some people might be more forward with the way they show their protection over their favorite groups.

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4. You know you sometimes wish you were born in Seoul

As a K-pop fan, the golden location is Seoul, South Korea. The place with a plethora of K-pop shows, merchandise, and if you’re lucky, you might get to see your bias in the flesh. Some fans’ goals are even to start living in Seoul eventually and somehow start working for their favorite groups. Sadly, reality is pretty harsh and can’t exactly be like a Korean drama, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?

5. Just like her, you love every moment spent with your friends

One great thing about being a K-pop fan is all the friends you make along this crazy, wonderful journey. Having a friend who is dedicated to K-pop just as much as you are makes it 10 times more fun. Just imagine all the comebacks, music shows, and concert DVD parties you could have with friends.

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