Lee Jong Suk recently celebrated his fifth anniversary since his debut. He has been busy with good projects that have earned him a dedicated fan base.  Here are 5 moments that laid claim to our hearts around the world (mine included).

1.  When he told Hyun Bin he was a fashion terrorist.


Now honestly, I was torn between this scene and when Oska throws him over his shoulder in the airport, but this one is what I remember most. Who would dare tell Hyun Bin that he's tacky? LOL!

2.   Kim Woo Bin, enough said. 


They both said that when School 2013 ended, it felt more like a breakup than just a job ending. I don't even want to know how much fan fiction these two generated. *chuckles*

3.  When he modeled for CeCi.  I don't know if it was the sultry-ness or the tattoo, but  hot damn. 

I need some ice water!

4. When he made every Noona incredibly happy that we could fantasize about him kissing us in the park.   


Or at the aquarium. Or on the porch. I seriously could watch this boy kiss all day.

5.  When he taught us that a kiss during snowfall is far from cold. 

I've said it time and again: this boy could be in a romance with a boulder and we'd buy it as genuine and reciprocated.

Celebrate Lee Jong Suk's debut anniversary with his most recent series, Pinocchio:

Jong Suk also uploaded a picture on his Instagram to celebrate the day with the caption  "Thank you, I love you." Can he get any cuter? 

What is your favorite Lee Jong Suk moment? 

Wendilynn is owner of the blog As the Kimchi Turns.  She is also on the Drama Clubs for Blood and Dear Mom.