While DramaFever and I have long since passed our 100-day anniversary, I still can’t believe how fast the time has flown since I first discovered K-dramas (and J-dramas, and T-dramas, and K-pop, etc.). DramaFever recently celebrated its 5th birthday, but it was two years ago for me, on one fateful sick day, that I first slid down that slippery slope into full fandom. And like any big experience that changes your life for the better, it should be celebrated as well. So for you, whether it was five years, five months, or fifteen years since your first K-drama, let’s celebrate that birthday in style.

1. Fall in love again. Rewatch your first show.

Put on a party hat, give the remote control a back hug, and stroll down 16 to 20 episodes of memory lane. For me, it was A Gentleman’s Dignity. Actually it was a fan-made music video for A Gentleman’s Dignity that popped up on YouTube that began it all. And like when Jang Dong Gun first lays eyes on Kim Ha Neul, I knew K-dramas and I were a romance for the ages. Whoever that fan was, I owe them a debt that cannot be repaid. But I will try by showing this picture of Jang Dong Gun's abs. 

2. Create a playlist of all your favorite OST songs. Karaoke your heart out.

The OST is a main character in any show, and we are not talking the second male lead. Ailee’s "Goodbye My Love" from Fated to Love You has been destroying me lately. DESTROYING ME. Ailee, what did I ever do to you?

When I am not secretly listening to Taylor Swift or One Direction (which I will deny under oath), I love to listen to OSTs and K-pop. Whether you use Spotify, iTunes, or Pandora (and I have used them all), create a K-pop station and sing, and weep, along to your all-time favorites. You'll also hear new songs, which will lead you to new shows, which will create an infinite loop of awesome. If you don't like the more traditional idol groups, Neon Bunny and Big Baby Driver will take you in some interesting directions as well. 

Warning, this MV contains spoilers. Also tears will be shed. Damn you, Ailee.

Watch Lee Je Hoon bring the tragic true story of Crown Prince Sado to life in historical drama Secret Door
3. Eat a traditional Korean birthday meal (and lots of other food too)

Watching a delicious food scene in my current K-drama du jour while polishing off a bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner was perhaps one of the more humbling experiences of my past week. So splurge and find a good restaurant and order ALL the side dishes. And don't forget the seaweed soup to celebrate DramaFever's birthday. And if you just got out of prison, eat tofu. If you don't have a local Korean restaurant, there is always H-Mart. If that can’t be done, come to my house. I have some kimchi and soju, and we will make it work (but maybe not if you just got out of prison).

4. Buy yourself something pretty. Or pretty ugly. 

Giant parrot sweatshirt? Yes. Patterns layered on patterns layered on feathers? Hell, yes. Celebrate DramaFever's birthday by giving yourself the gift of crazy K-drama fashion. If you want to be the hero in your own K-drama, you need to dress the part. Follow my mantra: if it's good enough for Kim Tan, it is good enough for you!

5. Let Suzy congratulate you for another trip around the K-drama sun

If we're celebrating the birth of your love of K-drama, a birthday song seems in order. This one is one of my favorites. If it isn't one of your favorites, then you should go to the doctor because there is something WRONG with you. After all, Suzy knows it's not the song, but how you sing it that matters. Just like we know it's not the show, but how you obsess over it that counts. 

So Happy Birthday, DramaFever. If I could grab you by the virtual wrist and tell you to always stay by my side, I would. Saranghae.

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