Lee Min Ho released new photos on May 10 to celebrate his 10th year as an actor. His global fans also congratulated the handsome Boys Over Flowers and Heirs star by sending gifts, doing good deeds, making special videos, and more. Here are 5 ways to enjoy the happy occasion.

1. Check out new photos released by Lee Min Ho to his Instagram, along with these hashtags: #10years #actorleeminho #thanks and #iloveyou! 

The photos show the handsome Hallyu star with special gifts sent from his adoring fans:

Do you see all the little cute Lee Min Ho characters?

2. Watch Lee Min Ho say thanks and talk about his plans. 

As the video is not subbed, here is what he said, based on a fan's note:

"Min Ho says he is busy with a really meaningful project but he can't tell us yet, but it will be released next year (2017). Also, he is filming ads and choosing his next project. He can't predict for the next ten years, but the most important thing is for everyone (including Min Ho himself) to stay healthy.

Min Ho has set a goal to give fans more mature works than in his 20s. He credits fans' unwavering love and continuous support as the reason for his being where he is. He feels truly grateful and hopes every one of us can keep walking with him, side by side."

3. An astounding fact is that, right now, Lee Min Ho has 3 dramas in our current Top 10 K-dramas: HeirsBoys Over Flowers, and his debut drama Secret Campus. Consider watching one of these dramas, or try Personal Taste, famous for the Game Over Kiss, which is currently at #14.

4. Many fans have looked up to Lee Min Ho as a role model based on his strong interest in charitable activities. 

That's why the Lee Min Ho 1st Hong Kong Fans Club decided to visit the Tung Wah Group Hospitals’ (TWGH) elderly home. Here's what the club wrote:

"On the day, our volunteer team with friends had sung various classic songs. The warm atmosphere was filled and the elderly were very excited to sing along. The most memorable moment was from the "Heart to Heart " game, there was a hundred-year-old elderly with poor eye sight and she still wanted to participate the game by doing on her own to stick the hearts on poster. Our volunteers had also visited individual room of the elderly that have difficulty to move and handed out our fresh homemade cupcakes and the gift packs. The cupcakes were very popular amongst the elderly.

The most surprising thing was an elderly lady is also Lee Min Ho’s fan too. She also praised Min Ho as very handsome! We were flattered to hear that."

The club also raised $2,106.40 in Hong Kong dollars to contribute to the elderly home.

5. There are many wonderful fan-made videos for the special occasion

I'd like to highlight this one from Turkey, where local fans took to the sky in a huge hot-air balloon. Check out the awesome views:

Best wishes to Lee Min Ho! We fans look forward to his new movie Bounty Hunters and a new drama this year.

What are you doing to celebrate Lee Min Ho's 10th-year debut anniversary? 


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