The wait is over! Heirs, quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated Korean drama of all time, is finally premiering today exclusively on DramaFever! So now we’re faced with the real question: how do we celebrate the big occasion? Some of us live too far away to attend DramaFever’s Heirs event in NYC, and sitting alone in the dark with our laptops seems anticlimactic after all of the buildup. Never fear! Here are a few ways that you can ring in the big occasion from the comfort of your own home:

1. Bring Lee Min Ho to You

Okay, so maybe Lee Min Ho is a little too busy to come to your premiere party, but that’s no reason to deprive yourself of his company! Make posters out of your favorite Lee Min Ho faces and post them around your room so that you don’t have to watch alone. “It’s okay, baby!”

2. Make a Game out of It

Some naysayers have wondered if Heirs might be too similar to Boys over Flowers in its plot. Rich kids at a privileged school with one outsider poor girl? Sure, we’ve heard it before, but let’s turn what could be a downside into a strength! Challenge your Kdrama addict friends to a battle of memory as you try to spot similarities for points! The more obscure the similarity, the more points you earn. Does Kim Woo Bin’s character do something that you remember from episode 13 of BoF? Five points! Winner gets the Lee Min Ho poster.

3. Theme Food

We’ve all seen the previews with Lee Min Ho surfing in the warm California sunshine.

Wait, what was I saying? I got distracted by Lee Min Ho surfing.

Oh, right—food. Get into the setting with beachy treats! The only thing better than watching Heirs is watching Heirs while sipping a fruity drink with an adorable tiny umbrella in it.

4. Live the High Life

If you’re the type who gets jealous at all of these heirs playing in their fancy mansions, you can always play the part for an hour as you watch. Bust out your favorite ascot or tiara and parade around your house like you own the universe. You can even test out your best snooty one-liners on your cats, though I doubt they’ll listen.

5. Heirs-Themed Crafts

Anyone who has seen the latest Heirs preview has seen Park Shin Hye’s dream catcher in all of its magical glory.

Pump yourself up for the premiere by making one of your own. There are two advantages to the approach:

1. You can say that you and Park Shin Hye have matching best friend dream catchers. That’s a level of friendship beyond friendship bracelets.

2. Maybe it will summon a handsome chaebol for you, too!

Now that we’re counting down the minutes to the premiere, what other ideas do you have to celebrate?