Say you're a closet Kdrama viewer, but it's getting hard to keep your stories straight when people ask what you've been doing every weekend. You think it would be easier to just let your friends and family in on your secret so that you can enjoy your Kdramas in peace. But how should you explain your addiction to Kdramas? Here are five suggestions for coming out of the Kdrama closet:

1. Play dumb

You know how sometimes Kdrama characters just do what they want and pretend that no other reality exists? Like when a Kdrama heroine ignores the guy consistently hitting on her and pretends they're just friends, or when that same guy ignores her constant rebuffs and pretends that they've been dating for years? Well, if playing dumb works for them, why shouldn't it work for you? Just pretend that everyone already knows all about Kdramas and your Kdrama obsession. Start inserting Kdramas into normal conversations, and when people ask for clarification, blink a lot and look at them like THEY'RE the crazy ones.

2. Loud and proud

Announce your love of Kdramas with a bang. Gather your friends for an "important announcement," and then enter the room wearing a full Lee Min Ho costume. If Jun Pyo wouldn't be ashamed, you should be, either!

3. Misery loves company

Pretend that you just barely heard about Kdramas from some cool, reliable source, and tell your friends that you should all watch one together--you know, just to be cultured. Pick a drama that you KNOW will get them hooked, and once they can't stop watching, tell them that you're actually already a seasoned viewer. They'll be so grateful to have someone to give them show suggestions that they won't even mind your trickery!

4. The hit and run

"Hey, mom and dad, I've had a secret obsession with all things Korean for years now. Oh, and I'm moving to Korea next week for a study abroad. I'll send you an email, mmmkay?" By the time you come home, they'll be used to the idea, and you'll have a legit excuse to watch your shows.

5. Play the pity card

Use your vast Kdrama knowledge to fake some sort of calamity, like fainting in the middle of the road or having temporary amnesia or something. Once everyone surrounds your sickbed, tell them that your one life wish was to have everyone accept and appreciate your love of Kdramas. If they're feeling extra sympathetic, you can use guilt to force them into a group Coffee Princemarathon. By the time your ailment miraculously disappears, they will be so used to Kdrama plot twists that saying "Oh, turns out I didn't have cancer after all" won't even faze them.

How did you share your Kdrama secret with the world? Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her Kdrama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.