As embarrassing as it is to admit, sometimes the emotional attachment I get to a Kdrama is like that of a romantic relationship. Kdramas are my boyfriend, ok? Unfortunately, all good Kdramas must come to an end, and when they do it can send you straight into a deep depression. Over the next few days several DramaFever dramas are coming to a close (Master's Sun being the one I will miss the most) and we want to ease your pain by giving you some ways to kick them to the curb like a bad boyfriend!

Don't end up like this,

Get a little pride and do the following instead:

1. Listen to some empowering music.

Some tried and true favorites are Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, or Taylor swift. If you're into Kpop, the Korean equivalent might be 2NE1. Just make sure to stay away from those break up ballads. Especially if they are from the Kdrama you are breaking up with (Crazy of Love by Hyorin from the Master's Sun OST is a big no no).

2. Burn or throw away momentos as a way to symbolically let go.

Did you print out a photo of the male lead, photoshop yourself into it, and then put it on the front of your school folder? Oh, ummm, me neither....Did you buy the sun necklace from The Master's Sun? (I wish!) Well, get rid of it! RIGHT NOW!

3. Write passive-aggressive Facebook posts about the drama.

Go ahead, pick apart its tiniest flaws. You were always too good for it anyway. Give all your friends the opportunity to validate you in the comments!

4. Write an email of closure to the show.

It's always a good idea to be the first one to initiate the break up, or at least pretend that it ended on your own terms. Explain that it wasn't them, it was just you. You have already moved on to a new show, and it's time they find a new audience, one better suited to their needs.

5. Hold a fake funeral honoring the characters.

Sometimes we never really get over something until it's really good and gone. Like DEAD good and gone. Go ahead and hold a little memorial for the characters so you can bury them in your past.

I know it's painful, but the good news is that these steps allow you to make room in your heart for new and better shows, like Heirs for example! There are plenty of Kdrama fish in the sea, and HERE are some new ones coming to DramaFever for you to crush on soon.

Let's hear it, which Kdramas left you in the worst shambles when they were over? I still have withdrawals from Coffee Prince to this day! What about you? Comment Below!