My K-drama obsession has given me so much. A love of soju and piggy back rides, trips to H-mart, probably five pounds in binge-watching weight (but let's blame it on babies). Still, my favorite has to be the use of the expression “fighting!” or “hwaiting!” which is much like wishing someone good luck in English. Here are five ways you can put a little fighting! in your Friday, because we could all probably use it.

1. Everybody's working, and fighting!, for the weekend

Life is hard, people. Work. Kids. Oppas. Waiting for the the next shower scene in My Lovable Girl. First thing in the morning, when you are looking in the mirror at the dark circles under your eyes from staying up too late binge watching To the Beautiful You, give yourself a fist pump. Be the hero in your own K-drama. You, fighting!

Pretty Man Source: dramagoodie

2. Tell that rude person how you feel

No, not that hand gesture. Get your mind out of the gutter. Next time someone cuts you off, or cuts in line, instead of cranking up the rage, channel that famous K-drama forgiveness (I mean, even the mom in Boys Over Flowers gets a happy ending, and she was so evil). Give that jerk a “fighting!” instead. The high road never felt so good. 

Donghae Source: riskalyz

3. Cheer on the ones you love

True story. Every morning when I drop my children off at school, we say “fighting!” to each other. We also invented the Fighting Five, a hybrid high five into a downward “fighting” fist pump. It’s like the hand gesture equivalent to fusion cuisine. One day they will be really embarrassed by me. But today is not that day. If you don't have kids, then partners, BFFs, second male leads, or strangers will work in a pinch.

Hyun Bin Source: currynana

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4. End a meeting on the right note

Most of the people at my office know about my deep obsession with K-dramas. I mean, they can hear the K-pop playing, and my water-cooler banter is usually something like “Why aren’t you watching Coffee Prince yet? I can’t even look at you right now.” But  I have also been known to end a meeting with a “fighting!”. Obviously, you may want to check with your Human Resources department before doing this yourself, as it could be misinterpreted and land you in more hot water than any episode 10 ever. 

MBLAQ Source: toksuri

5. Before you begin binge watching that show Friday night

It takes courage and dedication to sit down in one sitting and watch hours of pain and heartache bloom before you like a sad, sad rose. Before you start episode 1, do a fighting! to the television screen. It’s how you started your day. You should end it that way too.

Source: @Claudiaitalian

So, how do you put a little fighting! in your day?

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