Finding love is hard, and recognizing true love can be even harder. Is he your happily-ever-after, or just the second male lead in episode 5 of your life? Just like a good show doesn’t have to be more than 20 episodes long, love doesn’t have to be so confusing. Below are five simple K-drama clues to differentiate true love’s best from the second-male-lead rest.

1. He will protect you from…puddles

The man who loves you will protect you from sadness, pain, and yes, even puddles. He will do whatever it takes, even if what it takes results in his turning his body into a human umbrella to shield you from the rain puddle that a bus would splash across you. I am not 100% sure my husband would do this for me, which is why I am not 100% sure I should have married him. I really wish this article had been around nine years ago...

From To the Beautiful You

2. He will give you a piggyback ride

Did you drink too many one shots? Sprain your ankle? A jerk might leave you behind, and any man can call you a taxi, but a true soulmate will lift you up on their back and carry you home to make sure you are safe. They say true love makes you invincible, and some invincibility would be required to haul me around. But nobody said love was easy.

From Coffee Prince

3. He will act like he hates you

This one is tricky, folks, because maybe he does just hate you. It’s hard to tell the difference. But here are some tips. Does he say he hates you but then secretly daddy-longlegs style help you achieve your dreams? Does he stare at you longingly when you aren’t looking (this is where cell phones or security cameras might be helpful to gather proof)? Does he pull out your ponytail or throw you in a pool? Um, then he kind of sounds like a jerk. BUT, also, if at least two of the above three are true, he probably hates you because he loves you, or because he hates that he loves you. So a jerk really loves you, and you have some work to do.

From Secret Garden

4. He will throw off his filial obligations for you

Okay, if 1-3 are sounding about right, then we can use the detective skills we’ve been learning in You are All Surrounded and deduce that he probably does love you, but does he love you more than his family? Are they rich scions of business who want their eldest son to marry someone at their chaebol level, and you are just the poor rooftop girl who loves to watch K-dramas? Instead of lamenting that his family is a pack of gumiho-like devils, ask yourself, does he stick up for you? Does he fight for you? Or does he cry alone at his desk because he chose success over love (I’m looking at you Kim Won from Heirs)? If he chooses you, proceed directly to clue #5, because you are very close to the sweet episode 16 finale of love.

5. He will defy the space/time continuum for you

Okay, if he’s aced 1-4, odds are you’ve found a keeper. Congrats! But, is he really your soulmate? If you’re a bird, is he a bird? Only one way to know for sure. See if he can travel through time for you. I know, I know, you’re thinking, isn’t that a bit much? But true love does not abide by any of the known laws of the universe. If he really loves you, he will defy the laws of space and time and find you anywhere. This is really the best way to know with 100% certainty that he is the one. Please note: Body swapping can be substituted for time travel if applicable.

From Rooftop Prince

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