Ever wondered if your boo is really into you? Does his "I'll get the cheque" translate into "I love you and want to pay for you, now and forever!" Sometimes, in a relationship it's hard to distinguish between love, lust and like. For times like that, experts recommend you keenly look out for these 5 surefire signs. If your boy checks all the boxes, he's definitely into you!. And if he doesn't.....remember what they say about fish and sea and something about plenty! 

It's All In The Details

We all love big gestures. Yes, I totally want to be the girl who gets flown away to a faraway exotic land and treated to fine jewelry, lots of roses and an elaborate proposal. But TBH, I would rather be the girl who gets complimented on the way her nose crinkles when she watches her favorite actor on- screen, or her pasta whipped up from sauce in a box is the best thing he's eaten EVER! 

Forget the "I love yous" and grandiose gestures and instead focus on the small everyday things he notices and makes sure to compliment you on. After all vulnerability is very scary for most men, and they don't want to be made fun of by their friends for gushing over silly things like your Facebook pictures. However, the fact that he takes the time to point out these little things shows that he's willing to open up and let you in. Oh and it's also a massive "I Love You!" #JustSaying

He Gives You His Time

If a guy loves you, you don't have to beg him to do things you like. Wether its going to park, hanging with you at the salon while you get your nails done, or simply watching your favorite drama on DramaFever. He's simply game to try out whatever you suggest. However, he also knows the value of your time and letting you have your own hobbies. If you find a boo who totally gets you and your varied interests yet gives you your own space, snag him STAT! 

You're Priority!

Yep, we are all busy! (Yes watching back-to-back episodes of The Best Hit is also considered being busy.) But when a man truly loves you, he will make spending time with you a priority. And if he really doesn't have time, he'll make sure to let you know when he will. It's essential he treats you like the most important person in his life and carves out a place in it for you! 

He Can Read Your Mind 

He understands your needs better than you can. Someone who loves you, doesn't need to be told where you're at emotionally! We are not saying he needs superpowers, and insane mind reading abilities. But we are talking about someone who can anticipate your desires and is willing to cater to them. After all if he loves you, he wants you to be happy and will be willing to do anything to help you feel that way!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

So what if he doesn't verbalize his love. They key to understanding his emotions lies, in understanding the things he does, or the way he interacts with you physically. His physical attachment to you goes way beyond lust. We are talking back hugs (yup, as epic as the ones in Heirs), pecks on the cheek (remember the adorable ones Jo Jung Suk regularly places on Gong Hyo Jin's forehead in Jealousy Incarnate

Does this sounds like your boo? If yes, he's a keeper! If no....well you always have some delicious Korean oppas to keep you company till the right man comes along! 


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