Running Man can almost be called a perfect mix of reality, game and overall star-studded variety show… and none of it would be possible without its charismatic host, Yoo Jae Suk. With the kickass nickname, “MC of the Nation,” both South Koreans and Korean culture enthusiasts have given him their seal of approval as the most-loved comedian and TV personality.

Yet despite how high-profile Jae Suk is, we still don’t know his whole story… so read on for 5 weird facts you probably didn’t know about him till now (and if you already knew, then you are a true Jae Suk expert!).

1) He’s extremely ticklish.

For diehard Jae Suk fans, this is no secret. Why? Because on an early episode of Infinity Challenge, Jae was required to hold water in his mouth for just 15 seconds while being tickled. However, the super-sensitive skin of poor Jae couldn’t take it and he immediately twisted his body and spit out the water, even after two more tries. Jae was also tickled during episode 69 of Running Man when Choi Min Soo wanted revenge for a previous episode and tickled him for a whole minute until he cried. Poor Jae!

2) He almost had a feature song on PSY’s album, PSY 6.

PSY himself revealed on an episode of Infinity Challenge that Jae was originally going to be featured in a single on his PSY 6 album (you know, the one with that song, what was it called? Oh yeah, Gangnam Style!). But because it conflicted with the release of Jae’s single, Sagging Snail, Jae opted to do a cameo in the Gangnam Style MV instead. We think it was a wise decision!

3) Grasshoppers.

So what does a grasshopper have to do with Jae Suk? Well, fans of his know that the grasshopper is very dear to Jae, since he has appeared in grasshopper costume during the first episodes of shows he had debuted with KBS. The jumpy joker has even made his own grasshopper dance, which is inspired by the way grasshoppers hop. But this grasshopper has learned plenty since his early days, so we say, hop on!

4) He's so popular, people even made a stink about him having his hands in his pockets.

Maybe his hands were cold? During an episode of Infinity Challenge, Jae Suk dressed as a taxi driver for one of their challenges. Jae engaged in conversation with a fellow driver, but had his hands in his pockets the whole time, which is apparently considered disrespectful and rude. Some viewers got in a huff about it, saying Jae has a “bad attitude” for that gesture… but loyal viewers and fans defended Jae, saying “it’s amazing how so many people try so hard to see the tiniest flaw” in Jae. Hey, putting your hands in your pockets is pretty normal, no?

5) He doesn’t go out in public much since he’s so popular.

Jae Suk is a very private person and does all he can to protect his family from the hordes of feral fans, which translates to him not appearing with them in public much. Imagine being trapped in your house, not able to go out to eat a meal or go to the movies without chaperones? Well, Jae does it to protect his family from the media, and we don’t blame him! Some fans can get just a bit out of control, if you know what we mean.