Right now Breanna Youn has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, surpassing Hollywood stars such as Cameron Diaz. When her mother started posting the 5-year old Korean girl's photos, she could not have imagined her entire family's life would be transformed by the amazing rise of a new internet star. Breanna is so adored by her fans that If she's ever sick or a new photo isn't posted in a few days, her parents would be besieged by thousands of emails from around the world.

Breanna Youn is born to a South Korean father and a Filipino mother. After Breanna's mother put her daughter's cute photos on Facebook, the photos were so popular that she started an Instagram account for Breanna. That's when a rocket ship of a new star was launched and her popularity exploded globally. So far, Breanna has 1.2 million followers in Instagram, along with hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook, Vine and Youtube, and her fandom continues to grow. 

Her adoring fans simply love Breanna. There have been some who said they love her more than their own children. These fans have showered Breanna with gifts. These gifts aren't just everyday cute gifts for a child. They include name brand, luxury items such as Luis Vuitoon handbags, Tiffany jewelry, and designer outfits.

Breanna already speaks Korean, Tagalog and English. When someone from the United Arab Emirates reposted her videos, her mother taught Breanna to speak some Arabic phrases learned from YouTube and sign off with the Arabic word 'bosaah', meaning kisses, and Breanna acquired a strong and devoted following in the Middle East.

In May this year, Breanna and her family including her 7-year old brother Braxton were invited to visit Dubai by wealthy fans. They flew in business class, stayed in 5-star hotels, and were chauffeured in luxury cars. They have decided to live in Dubai, leaving behind their apartment and seafood export business in Busan, South Korea. They have also converted to Islam.

Breanna's mother said that she doesn't quite understand her daughter's popularity. She said, "I have no idea how they found her in the first place but they love her."  Her father denied that the family is addicted to fame, but said, 'I hope people keep loving her. Sometimes I worry about what will happen in the future when they grow up."

Whatever the future holds, Breanna is an internet sensation that cannot be stopped right now. Her father said, 'We cannot stop this now. If Breanna is sick and we do not post a picture or video for three or four days, we are bombarded with thousands of emails from every country asking what happened."

(photos: FB, Instagram)