Chanmi We reported last week that 5Dolls would be adding a sixth doll, but it looks like they'll be keeping it at five after all, as group member Chanmi took to twitter to announce her departure, saying: "Hello, this is Chanmi. First, I thank my fans who didn't forget about me and always showed interest in me... Many were curious and it was hard for me to answer everyone individually so I am writing this.  My contract with my current agency was terminated so I left Five Dolls. I am trying my best to build a relationship with a new agency in order for me to stand before you once again. Thank you once again to those who showed me love and care." She actually continued on, essentially just repeating herself, before ending things by thanking her fans.  Hard to speculate if there's more to the story, but with a comeback on the horizon, it sure does seem like an odd time for a contract to be up. What do you make of the 5Dolls member shakeup?