Last Thursday at the Third Annual DramaFever Awards, 5 lucky VIP fans won the chance to ask adorable K-pop group 5urprise a question at a meet and greet. Here's what the handsome and talented guys had to say about what they do for fun, what they want people to remember most about them, where they would like to live if they could live anywhere in the world, and more!

Q#1: What do you do in your down time when not performing or in rehearsals?

Lee Tae Hwan: I watch movies/dramas with the members or exercise.

Seo Kang Joon: I watch movies with the members or go shopping. It's usually nothing special but even sight seeing or walking around the streets is very relaxing to me.

Kang Tae Oh: Same answer as Tae Hwan. I watch movies with the members or exercise.

Gong Myung: Same answer as Tae Hwan and Tae Oh. We watch movies and dramas. Personally, I like to exercise.

Yoo Il: I try to rest in my free time. I love to watch movies or read books. I also take naps in my down time!

Q#2: What is the one thing you want people to remember about you?

- Lee Tae Hwan: We all practice a lot and try our hardest. Even when we aren't perfect, we would like to be remembered for our efforts and that we do our best.

- Seo Kang Joon: I would like After School: Lucky or Not to be remembered! It is 5urprise's first show with all five members taking major roles. It is what made us who we are now.

- Kang Tae Oh: I'd like people to remember my name and face. Next time when you see me in a new project, you would know what my name is!

- Gong Myung: My motto is that you can achieve anything if you keep trying. Rather than being remembered for a certain thing, I'd like people to know that I always do my best.

- Yoo Il: I will always do my best regardless of how I am perceived.

Q#3: With all the different cultures you guys are exposed to, do you find it hard to keep the music you create relevant to each culture?

- Lee Tae Hwan: It was difficult at first but we enjoy learning about different cultures and melodies.

- Seo Kang Joon: We do not compose or write music, but we practice and prepare popular songs from different countries in attempts to relate and get closer to local fans.

- Kang Tae Oh: I do not find it hard. Being exposed to different cultures helps keeping our music relevant to each culture.

- Gong Myung: We enjoy encountering different cultures. You learn a lot from them. When we sing a native song specific to the culture it is tough due to the language.

- Yoo Il: It is tough singing songs in foreign languages. We worry about our pronunciation not being accurate or our music not being relevant to that specific culture. We prepare ourselves as best we can.

Q#4: What do you most want to eat in New York?

- Lee Tae Hwan: It is our first time in New York! I'd like to try different street food...burgers, pizza, coffee, etc

- Seo Kang Joon: I want to try New York steak! When you go to an American restaurant in Korea, New York steak is always on the menu. I want to try to the original New York steak.

- Kang Tae Oh: Coffee — just like how New Yorkers In the movies/TV drink their morning coffee on their way to work in the morning.

- Gong Myung: Street food.

- Yoo Il: I also would like to try different kinds of street food available in the city. I want to experience a typical New Yorker's life.

Q#5: If you could live anywhere in the world temporarily, where would you live, how long will you stay there, and what would you do?

- Lee Tae Hwan: If I were to move anywhere, I'd like to stay there for at least a year. However, because I have not yet been to that many places, I'd rather travel to multiple countries.

- Seo Kang Joon: I've been to the U.S. for 2 weeks when I was little. I visited Jacksonville, FL and Albuquerque, NM then. I have many good memories from the trip and would like to live in either places for a couple years.

- Kang Tae Oh: I would like to go to Europe.

- Gong Myung: I can't really pinpoint one place. I would rather visit multiple different places.

- Yoo Il: It doesn't matter to me where it is. Every country has its own charm and I would like a full immersion experience no matter where I am. 

It was so fun having 5urprise visit and perform at the awards show! They were so charming and kind to all their fans. We can't wait to see what new shows they do next! You can watch the individual members in After School: Lucky or NotSly and Single AgainRoommateSuspicious HousekeeperPride and PrejudiceMiss Korea and Infinite Power right here on DramaFever!