DramaFever Movie Night is back! This week, Steal My Heart, starring Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong, is the film of the week. To build anticipation for the film, here are 6 adorable GIFs of the extremely talented Joo Won!

1. The producers of Running Man thought it was essential to have Joo Won catch toast with his mouth.... straight out of the toaster. His reaction is priceless.

2. Joo Won was sitting with Ji Chang Wook at the 2014 KBS Drama Awards, and he couldn't contain his laughter at whatever the host said to him.

3. This awkward nerd-selfie that Sulli and Joo Won's characters take in movie Fashion King was too cute.

4. Joo Won and his co-star Jin Se Yun from Bridal Mask were super playful during a photo shoot together.

5. The actor proved that boredom gets to all of us.

6. This wave is so close to being the #2 in the "Gwiyomi" song that I can't handle it.

Watch Steal My Heart now!

Are you a fan of Joo Won? What is your favorite drama that he has been in? Will you be watching Steal My Heart this weekend? Let me know all your thoughts in the comment section below or tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!

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