Sometimes, we forget that stars are actually real people — people who once dreamed of having totally normal jobs, like being a school teacher or a dentist. Here's a list of Asian celebrities who originally just strived to have blue or white collar jobs, like the rest of us:

1) Vicky Zhao - Schoolteacher

This incredibly talented actress/singer/director claimed that she never strived to be famous, even saying "I thought actresses had to be beautiful, and I thought I was ordinary," (what are you talking about Vicky? You're plenty beautiful!) at one point in her life. Zhao studied to be a schoolteacher before catapulting into superstardom, having attended both Teachers' College Elementary School and Teachers' College High School. For the record, I think she would have made an excellent schoolteacher!

2) Won Bin - Car mechanic

It's no surprise that this outdoors-loving actor had planned to become a car mechanic ever since he was just a young boy. Why? For starters, Won Bin was born in the mountainous hamlet in the north of Jeongseon, which solidified his love for physical activities. Combined with an interest in car racing and motorcycles, it became a natural course of progression for the notoriously shy actor. He can change my oil any day!

3) Li BingBing - Schoolteacher

Like Vicky Zhao, this Huabiao-award winning actress also had no intention of becoming a celebrity. As a young student, she had been enrolled in a teacher's high school, but discovered a previously untapped interest in acting and was persuaded by a friend to join the Shanghai Drama Institute. What followed after is history. We gotta thank her friend for pushing her to star status!

4) Daniel Dae Kim - Attorney

Before Daniel Dae Kim became one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive" in 2005, the South-Korean born American citizen briefly considered a career path as an attorney. Thankfully, he snapped out of that and moved to the city that never sleeps to follow his true passion. After performing on many stage productions and completing a Masters in Acting at NYU, he hit it big in a life-changing role as Jin, half of a maritally-challenged couple on ABC's Lost. Dang, that show was good.

5) Min - Dance instructor/English teacher

Child prodigies always seem to have some kind of rebellious nature, and Min was no exception. After becoming disappointed about the delay of her U.S. debut, Min secretly ran away to South Korea and worked as a dance and English teacher, unbeknownst to her agency, JYP, and even her family. Luckily it all worked out for Min, who went on to become a member of Miss A and an actress.

6) Siwon - Missionary

You wouldn't think this sexy singer and prominent Super Junior member is actually a devout Protestant Christian. He's so loyal to his religion, in fact, that he would like to become a missionary after he retires. Hey, it sounds a lot more relaxing than being a member of one of the most popular Kpop groups!