Lee Hong Ki's new drama Modern Farmer is using American music to punctuate the funny, action beats of the drama. For example, Louis Armstrong's iconic "What A Wonderful World" showcases a rampaging deer in episode 3 to hilarious effect. While we love hearing our favorite K-pop artists perform their love songs to flashbacks of longing looks, back hugs, and pouring rain, it's nice to hear some music standards from the US too.

6. Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" from Couple or Trouble

"He wore black and I wore white. He would always win the fight. Bang bang he shot me down." Forever squabbling couples are not my favorite romance type.  When the needle dropped on this song, so evocative in its allusion to High Noon-type Westerns, as Joanna and Cheol Su squared off to exchange mutually kidnapped pets, this drama brought the laughs.

5. Brandon Pacheco's "Soul" from It's OK, That's Love

"Whatever happened to soul, The kind of feeling you get, When your never forget, When it's deep in your soul." The chemistry between Hye Soo and Jae Yeol was really underlined by this sprightly digital song. You could almost feel their fun connection roll off the screen.

4. Jeff Berant's "Be the One" fromFated to Love You

"You took my heart so unexpectedly. Who knew that you would be the one?" This sweet song with its light guitar signaled flashback-based longing just to toy with our emotions.  They knew they were doing it. This song will forever conjure pictures Lee Gun's super soft-looking floppy hair. Perfect hair — SARANGHAE!

What happens when members of a failed rock band become farmers instead? Find out in Lee Hong Ki’s comedy drama Modern Farmer

3. Sting's "Shape of My Heart" from Greatest Love

"They say that the spades are the swords of a soldier. They say that the clubs are weapons of war. They say that diamonds mean money for this art, but that's not the shape of my heart." Bribing small children to further your romantic interest in a beloved sibling or aunt is a standard tactic in love's war, but sometimes the cost they pay is high. When Doctor Yoon bribes Ding Dong with doughnut holes to put in a good word with his Auntie, "Shape of My Heart" illustrates battlefield of Ding Dong's heart as he chooses between doughnuts and his hero worship of Dok Ko Jin.

2 - Bruno Mars' "Marry You" from My Love From Another Star

 "Is it the look in your eyes? Or is it this dancing juice? Who cares baby, I think I want to marry you." The feels, the feels! Only in dramaland would that ridiculously cute dance actually be ridiculously cute, but some of us will forever associate this song with sweet alien love. Go ahead and laugh; you just want to hear the phrase "sweet alien love" again.

1 - Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco" in Nice Guy

"If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." Sprinkled throughout Nice Guy during momentous and tragic scenes, this song was the anthem for our star-crossed lovers. The juxtaposition of the implications of flowers in the hair from the Korean connotations (craziness) and American (being in love, beauty, and innocence) brought layers of meaning to the song. Just don't listen to it driving through tunnels.

What did I miss, drama fans? Let me know in the comments!