International fans really love the high-school drama Cheer Up! about teenagers overcoming adversity in life, and the beloved little drama has jumped high on our Top 10 Most Watched Shows. By contrast, the drama faced the formidable Six Flying Dragons in Korea and stayed at a relatively low rating. Let's cheer for Cheer Up! and share 6 reasons why we love this cute drama so much!

Note: If you haven't watched it, please be aware that there are some "spoilers" in this article. 

Another caution is that you're going to cry and laugh throughout this amazing and inspirational drama.

1. The best smiling couple:

Jung Eun Ji and Lee Won Geun easily outshine the classic romantic couples from opposites of the universe. True, he is the top student in the entire school and she is practically ranked at the bottom, but once they got over their "pride and prejudice," their smiles are brighter than the sun when they are together. Check out more of their nonstop smiles HERE.

2. Sleeping Prince: The brooding Ha Joon and handsome Kim Ji Soo

The obstacle Ha Joon (tenderly played by Kim Ji Soo) faced was horrendous because it came from his own father, who would scold him and beat him so harshly that hospital care is required. When Ha Joon eventually found his way to be strong, I couldn't help but shed tears for him and cheer. 

Although he didn't get the girl, you can tell he'll have enough confidence and strength to move forward in life. This is why I call Ha Joon the "Sleeping Prince" because he finally woke up to take on the world on his own. Same with the actor because I really want to see the uniquely charming Ji Soo again.

3. Most detestable female antagonists:

It's probably an honor for an actor when the antagonist character becomes so hated in our eyes. Young actress Chae Soo Bin did a superb job portraying Soo Ah, whose intense desire to achieve top ranking in order to enter an Ivy League university in the US led her to engage in unethical actions. Her bullying mother actually led the way by using money get her way and to push her daughter. In the end, both daughter and mother found new directions in life after facing the consequences of their respective actions.

4. The drama did not shy away from real-life issues:

It's really amazing how a 12-episode drama can pack so much to give us the emotional feels and also inspire us with many life lessons. The drama dealt with real-world issues such as bullying, emotional and physical abuse, bias, stereotyping, academic fraud, and more, and eventually gave us convincing resolutions.

It also gave us positive role models such as the homeroom teacher (Kim Ji Suk), who was willing to sacrifice for his students' future, the cheerleading instructor (Lee Mi Do), who gave them tough love, the two single parents who were in love but were willing to forego marriage because of their children's objection, Dong Jae (played by N), who overcame a phobia,and, last but not least, the natural leadership qualities exhibited by the girl with low academic grades in Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji). These impressive characters came vividly alive and will stay with us long after the show is over.

5. Incredible friendship and team bonding:

While we delight in partaking in the journey with the two disparate groups of kids in growing to bond together on screen, we can also feel a genuine affection emanating from beyond the drama where the young actors truly have developed a close friendship off the screen. HERE are more photos of them palling around behind the scenes.

6. Intelligent script writing reflected in the happy ending:

The team that no one thought could master cheerleading was able to compete at the regionals after overcoming really tough hurdles. Thanks to the intelligent scriptwriting, the drama did not give us an unrealistic first-place win. I love it that they were able to laugh it off and not worry much about the loss because they did win: They won self confidence, team spirit, and forever friendship.

If you read my Weekly Top 10 column, then you'd know that I almost always pursue happy endings. Cheer Up! didn't just conclude with a happy ending, it opened the door to a happy beginning!

If there is anything I want to complain about this perfect little drama, it's that it was too short.

I want a Cheer Up: The Senior Year!  Do you agree? You can watch the charming series from the beginning below:

~ NancyZdramaland

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