Rara Pop shared some excellent Christmas gift ideas for the drama-loving person in your life, but perhaps you know a super fan who already runs out to buy DramaFever swag the moment it hits the online shelf? Since we all know that drama fans daydream about falling into a K-drama, perhaps we should find some way to make that dream a reality. Behold! These items guaranteed to make them feel part of a real K-drama:

6) Go Stop cards.


Don't know how to play Go Stop? It doesn't matter! The recipient of these cards can throw down the August Moon with a triumphant "Ha!" while eating a sweet potato or squid jerky.  For best K-drama feeling, play with your Grandma or Grandpa.

5) Giant phone accessories


Stupendous smart phones as large as a dinner plate are all the rage, but Super K-drama Fan needs an equally impressive phone dongle. Mi Ho's here is an understated giant disco ball of a bead. Advanced gift buyers can string together three or four and add a mini stuffed animal.

4) Insanely glittery shoes 


Pair with skinny high-water pants for men, three inch minimum heel for women. A must for all K-drama fans, give to your partner with a coupon for free "stumble kiss." Be sure to keep your eyes open; otherwise you might not be able to flash back to it for years.

When a prosecutor discovers he has months to live, can he turn his life around and tear down corruption? Find out in the gripping melodrama Punch:

3) A humidifier.


Lurking in every bedroom, nurse's office, and hospital room in K-dramaland is a whole panopoly of humidifiers. Stumble kisses and harsh news can really bring you low, so invest in the healing power of a humidifier to revive even the sickest of K-drama fans.

2) The magic roller bag


They LOOK like ordinary pieces of luggage, but these roller bags produce an endless variety of garments for ALMOST every occasion. Will produce almost any type of part-time work uniform, apron, or track suit. Will NOT supply upscale name brands or shoes. The discerning K-drama Fan will appreciate the rarer Magic Duffle Bag.

1) An orange tarp


The K-drama Super Fan will enjoy the experience of drinking soju in their very own soju tent. While the Gifter is not obligated to provide fish cakes, sweet potatoes, or any of the other gnoshes associated with the soju tent, one piggyback ride to their home should be included in their gift.

What do you think, Drama Fans? Are you sending this list to your special someone?  Let us know in the comments!