Halloween is coming up, and with it comes the eerie sensation that a zombie, warlock, or vampire might be lurking around the next street corner. Koreans don't celebrate Halloween, but they certainly have their share of scary creatures that you should beware of. Check out 6 of the spookiest Korean monsters around!

Here's a quick rundown of supernatural beings that haunt the Korean psyche:

1. Anyone who's a fan of K-drama should be familiar with the gumiho or nine-tailed fox.

While male gumihos do exist, they prefer to take on the form of a beautiful woman when they're roaming around in human form. Gumihos love to eat liver, and will seduce young boys in order to chow down on their innards. Of course, as we saw in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, some gumihos fall in love with their prey.

2. The cheonyeo gwishin or virgin girl ghost.

Traditionally in Korea, a woman's role was to serve her husband. To die without fulfilling that goal meant you were cursed to remain on earth. Since these young girls died before getting married, they hadn't yet earned the right to put their hair up, which is why you'll see them with their long black hair hanging over their bitter faces. These ghosts are frequently seen in Korean horror movies, and successful American adaptations like The Ring. One recently made an appearance in episode three of The Master's Sun.

3. Upset that your roommate never does the dishes? Sounds like you need a dokkaebi on your side.

These crafty creatures enjoy pranking humans. If you're a bad person, a dokkaebi may decide to play mean tricks on you. However, if you're a virtuous person, a dokkaebi will reward you with wealth and good fortune.

4. The Haetae, an overachieving beast that is also found in Chinese mythology.

The haetae can fast forward though time, eat fire, and bite the moon. It also enjoys eating children, but interestingly most Koreans see it as a symbol of justice. Since the haetae can make a meal out of fire, you'll find statues of them in front of buildings as a form of protection against natural disasters.

5. If you see Jeoseung Saja, it means your time on earth is limited.

This Korean version of the Grim Reaper has the fun job of sucking souls out of people and then guiding them to the afterlife. You'll know you've seen one if you come across a man wearing a tall, black cap and a billowing robe.

6. And finally, the Dalgyal gwishin or egg ghost.

Essentially a human pillow, this poor creature doesn't have eyes, ears, arms, or legs. Pretty freaky huh? Luckily, most egg ghosts live deep inside mountains so unless you're an avid rock climber, you probably won't run into one.

Which Korean monster do you find to be the spookiest? Comment below!