Jiro Wang stars in Fabulous Boys, the Taiwanese remake of Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk's You're Beautiful. Just like the Korean classic, the new romantic comedy is full of laughter, tears, and very cute leads. Here are 6 fabulous surprises you need to know.

1. Park Shin Hye was invited to appear in a cameo. 

This hilarious scenes occurs within the first 5 minutes of Fabulous Boys. Park Shin Hye plays a girl listening to A.N.Jell's music while the church service is going on, causing Gao Mei Nu (played by Taiwanese model and actress Cheng Yu Xi) to tell her to stop. It's a play off of the opening scene in the original You're Beautiful. Guess what happens next?

2. Dream Girls, the popular Taiwanese girls trio singing group composed of Puff Guo, Emily Son, and Tia Li, appeared in episode 2, where they performed a song and later admired the cute-looking Gao Mei Nan.

3. SpeXial, a popular Taiwanese boys band, also appeared in episode 2. Check out a recent photo of these 8 hot guys.

4. Huang Tai Jing (Jiro Wang) took a long and steamy shower in episode 3, after being accidentally kissed by the very drunk Gao Mei Nan (Cheng Yu Xi).

Sorry for the fuzzy screenshot, but I did the best I could considering how steamy the shower was with Jiro Wang. There was also a funny scene with a towel obstructing strategic viewing from his backside. I won't spoil it further and will just say this: Use your imagination or visit episode 3 to see it for yourself.

5. Discover a very cute and handsome Hwang In Deok, who plays Xin Yu, Jung Yong Hwa's charater in You're Beautiful, and we fans also experience the same Second Lead Syndrome.  

Hwang's Chinese name is Huang Ren-De, and he was born in Seoul, South Korea to a Korean mother and Chinese father. This makes him bilingual, and I hope to see him in both Korean and Chinese dramas more and often. There was a scene where he spoke in Korean to Mei Nu revealing his secret heart, but of course Mei Nu did not understand.

6. The A.N.Jell members Xin Yu, Jeremy (Evan Yo), and Mei Nan traveled to Okinawa during episode 1 of Mischievous Kiss 2 and ran into newly wedded Naoki (Furukawa Yuki) and Kotoko (Miki Honoka) at the airport. 

This scene is from Mischievous Kiss 2, and in Fabulous Boys, I believe the 3 A.N.Jell members went to Okinawa for a photo shoot. It's very interesting how they linked up plots from 2 dramas. 

Fabulous Boys is a great candidate for binge watching during the hot summer. All 20 episodes are already loaded. Have you started watching?

~ NancyZdramaland

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