Historical film The Face Reader is coming to DramaFever this weekend! Starring Song Kang Ho, the story centers around Nae Kyung, a master in the art of interpreting faces, who must solve a murder. Because it also stars Lee Jung JaeBaek Yoon ShikJo Jung SukLee Jong Suk and Kim Hye Soo, we decided to celebrate with 6 facts about the cast of The Face Reader!

1. Kim Hye Soo is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

2. Lee Jung Jae is an acclaimed actor, having received 20 awards for his films and dramas.

3. Baek Yoon Shik is known for his odd acting ability. His signature style is keeping a mostly expressionless face while conveying even the most emotional characters. His character Maestro Franz von Stresemann in Tomorrow's Cantabile is a perfect example of this method.

4. Song Kang Ho is one of few Korean actors to appear fully nude in a film. In 2009, his role as Sang Hyun in Thirst called for the scene. Surprisingly it is considered one of this best roles.

5. Jo Jung Suk may be able to act, sing, and dance, but apparently he can't cook. He confessed that he was horrible at cooking when asked by co-star Shin Min Ah during an interview for My Love, My Bride.

6. Lee Jong Suk found his inspiration to take up acting after watching Rain and Kang Dong Won.

With all of the historical aspects of this film and a stellar cast, I can't wait to see what the movie has in store. Don't forget to join us this weekend for the DramaFever premiere of The Face Reader. Watch the trailer below!

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