Tonight is the DramaFever Premier of Chinese film Ocean Heaven starring Jet Li and Wen Zhang! In a turn from the traditional action films Jet Li usually stars in, the family-oriented melodrama showcases the bond between father and son while addressing the challenges of dealing with autism. With this in mind, how much do we really know about our leading men? Here are 6 things you should know about the stars of Ocean Heaven.

1. Jet Li won his first Wushu National Championship at the age of 11.

He is renowned in the action film arena and there's no doubt as to why. Li started learning Wushu at the age of 8 and showed such promise his family sent him to a special studies school. He won his first National Championship at the age of 11, won 4 more gold medals in the following years, then retired from the sport at the age of 17.

2. The film Ocean Heaven had a huge impact on Wen Zhang's career.

The actor had to learn how to swim for the role of Dafu and practiced every day until he became an expert. He was also so convincing in his role that the public actually believed him to be autistic in real life.

3. Jet Li's debut film was "Shaolin Temple" in 1982.

After his retirement from the sports arena, Li worked with Chang Hsin Yen to film "Shaolin Temple." The film had several sequels and opened up the doors to more film opportunities in other countries such as Hong Kong.

4. Both actors have worked together for charity.

When drought hit southwestern China, Li and Zhang went with The One Foundation to villages with donations that included drinking water as well as grape and coffee seedlings to help revitalize crops in the region. They also competed in The Third Annual "Run For Love Shenzhen Mountain" Marathon together to raise money for charity.

5. Jet Li has been in more than 10 English-language films.

His first US film was "Lethal Weapon 4" alongside Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. Since then he has been in several more, the most recent being "The Expendables 3" (above).

6. They have been in more than one film together.

The relationship between the two actors must have been good. Following Ocean Heaven in 2010, both actors starred in "The Sorcerer and the White Snake" in 2011.

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