In June, it was announced that VIXX will be returning to KCON for a second time! The group was part of the lineup in 2012 right after debut, but they will be returning this year, hopefully in full 'Eternity' costume! If you haven't seen or heard much of VIXX before, don't worry. Here are 6 fun facts about the boys of VIXX before you head to KCON 2014.

1. All of the members had to compete for their spot in the group.

The world of K-Pop is a lot of competition which is no surprise because there are a lot of people working towards debut. VIXX's journey was a little unique. All 6 of the members were competitors on MNET's MyDOL (meaning "My Idol") before being allowed into the group. The show featured 10 trainees working towards debut and, after multiple challenges and a lot of hard work, the final six were selected through viewer votes: Ravi, Ken, Leo, Hongbin, N, and Hyuk (as pictured above).

2. They can pull off any concept.

While some groups stick to one underlying concept, VIXX has been all over the board. They have done everything from dark to light, supernatural to cutesy, and they managed to pull it off every time. A perfect example is the set and outfits for their collaboration with indie girl band Okdal called "Girls, Why?" which you can see above.

3. VIXX has been to the US at least once a year since their debut.

It's true! It takes most groups years to venture into the United States, but VIXX has been lucky. In 2012, they were on the bill for KCON and Otakon in 2012, they returned in 2013 as part of the Milky Way Global Showcase tour that included stops in Los Angeles and Dallas, and they will be returning this year for KCON 2014.

4. All of the members are multi-talented.

All the members have exceptional talents in and out of the musical field. Rapper Ravi excels as a songwriter and has contributed to the lyrics on several of the groups songs. Formerly of the Youth National Soccer team, Leo excels in sports... In addition to soccer, he is also an expert in Taekwondo. Ken loves to draw. Hongbin has a fascination with photography. N is an exceptional dancer and works hard to help create choreography. Even after finishing school, Hyuk is an avid-reader.

5. VIXX's fans are called ST★RLIGHT.

The group released a statement on they official fan cafe that stated, "From now on the fanclub that will run together with VIXX... is the jewel-like shining ST★RLIGHT. To VIXX, the fans are like shining stars. The fan’s ST★R is not VIXX, but VIXX’s ST★R is the fans!!" Can they be any more adorable?

6. Several group members are interested in dramas.

Ravi has admitted in interviews that he loves to watch dramas in his spare times. Hongbin and N has both had small parts in dramas, 'Glorious Day' and 'Hotel King' respectively, and want to do more. Leo took part in the musical version 'Full House' and could easily make the jump into television. Let's hope for more from them soon!

To round out our fantastic list, here is the music video for their latest single '기적 (Eternity)' so check it out below!

Are you excited to see VIXX at KCON? What's your favorite song? Do you have a favorite concept? Don't forget to tell me all of your thoughts on VIXX in the comments or send me a tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!