In the new drama Stay With MeChen Qiao-En (aka Joe Chen) from Fated to Love You wakes up with amnesia after an accident, setting her back mentally to the age of 23. She tries to find out what's happened since then, while coming across her ex-love Wang Kai, the hottest Chinese leading man from When a Snail Falls in Love. Would you like to find out some interesting facts about the new drama?

1. The drama's script planner is Tong Hua, the novelist who wrote Bu Bu Jing Xin, which was made into the famous time-travel romance Scarlet Heart and also adapted into a Korean remake, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.

Did you know Tong Hua lives in New York? Many of her novels have been turned into dramas. Another one is Sound of the Desert, starring Cecilia Liu and Eddie Peng

2. Chen Qiao-En plays Li Wei Wei, a talented wedding-gown designer who loses seven years of her memory after a terrible accident. Who is responsible for her accident? Will she ever recover the memories from her missing years?

A great scene occurs in episode 1, when Li Wei Wei cuts up a bridal gown to create a new veil, because the original one was missing.

3. Wang Kai plays Chen Yi Du, as he takes on his first role as romantic leading man (Stay With Me was filmed right before When a Snail Falls in Love). Why is he now a rival against his first love, Li Wei Wei? He seems to resent her, but his gaze is always upon her. 

Because Chen Yi Du is the CEO of a couture fashion company, you will see Wang Kai going through more costume changes than ever in this drama. (We're not complaining!)

4. Qiao Renliang (aka Kimi Qiao), the handsome late actor, plays Huo Xiao, Li Wei Wei's BFF and fiance. He is very protective of Li Wei Wei, but does he have some secrets of his own?

5. Chen Ran, an international model and fashion trendsetter in real life, plays Tiffany, a fashion designer who wants Chen Yi Du (Wang Kai) for herself (We totally understand why!). 

She and Qiao Renliang were also in the romantic movie So Young 2: Never Gone, where their characters got married in a surprise twist in the story. Here they are rivals in separate love triangles.

6. Derek Chang, the most adorable jungle hero (Prince of Wolf) out of Taiwan, plays Leo, a super model. The young hottie will turn 24 on his birthday, December 17.

Did I mention this is a steamy romance? There are also a lot of hilarious encounters because Li Wei Wei has to pretend she hasn't lost her memory.


Stay with Me - 放弃我, 抓紧我

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Wang Kai

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