The movie Let's Get Married opens our eyes and hearts when we see four couples going through indecision about their love and future. When will the wedding bells ring? Here are some interesting facts about the popular Chinese romance movie starring Gao Yuanyuan (Ocean Heaven), Bea Hayden (Line Romance), Ivy Chen (Skip Beat), and Liu Tao (Nirvana in Fire).

1. The 2015 Chinese movie is a remake of the 2013 Korean movie Marriage Blue (결혼전야, or The Night Before the Wedding), which stars Lee Yeon HeeKim Kang WooOk Taecyeon, and Joo Ji Hoon among the ensemble cast. 

The Korean movie is, in turn, a remake of the 1994 British film, Four Weddings and a Funeral, that stars Hugh Grant as the leading man.

2. Over 400 wedding gowns were using for the film, as the story revolves around the theme of weddings.

Leading actress Gao Yuanyuan's character manages a wedding salon that sells custom-designed bridal gowns. When will she get to wear a beautiful gown at her own wedding?

3. Ivy Chen plays an airport security agent who is dating a handsome pilot (Ryan Cheng).

She is also well known for having starred in the Taiwanese drama, Skip Beat, with Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae. How lucky is that!

4. Liu Tao stepped in to play a hotel executive in love with a chef, because her friend backed out of the role due to pregnancy. 

Although this movie is favorably received, she really raised her profile when she next starred in the hugely popular and acclaimed historical drama, Nirvana in Fire, co-starring with Hu Ge and Wang Kai.

5. Model-Actress Bea Hayden (aka Guo Bi-ting) was born in Taiwan with one-quarter American in her ethnic heritage. 

In Let's Get Married, she plays a violinist who goes to Italy and meets a local Chinese student who works as a tour guide. They fall in love with the beautiful scenery and with each other.

Bea previously starred with Korean actor Lee Min Ho in Line Romance, a mini web-drama designed to promote the LINE app, which the two characters relied on to communicate.

6. Li Chen, whose tour guide falls for Bea Hayden's violinist in Italy, studied orchestral conducting for his role in the movie.

He is Chinese actress Fan Bingbing's boyfriend in real life. Rumors about Li Chen and Fan Bingbing started swirling when they co-starred in the famous Empress of China drama. They publicly acknowledged their dating relationship in May 2015, soon after Let's Get Married was released.

Will wedding jitters derail these four couples' plans? Check out the romance movie, Let's Get Married, starring Gao Yuanyuan (Ocean Heaven), Bea Hayden (Line Romance), Ivy Chen (Skip Beat), and Liu Tao (Nirvana in Fire).


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