Chinese model, singer, and actress Angelababy is a rising international star. Here are 6 interesting things about Angelababy. She is also the only female member of the permanent cast in the popular Chinese version of Running Man, the Korean reality and variety program that stars celebrities in competition, and she stars in this weekend's DramaFever Movie Night selection Running Man International. We'll start with the question of why she is called Angelababy.

1. What's in a name? Angelababy is her actor name, and her real Chinese name is Yang Ying (or Yeung Wing in Cantonese.) 

As she explained in a 2012 interview, "My English name is Angela, but some of my primary school classmates found that too long to say. And I had some baby fat then, so they started calling me 'baby,' which is what I was called at primary and secondary school. When I started modelling, I needed a name to distinguish myself, but also one that was easy to remember, so I combined the two names and that's how I became Angelababy."

2. The 26-year-old beauty has a multi-ethnic heritage. Her paternal grandmother was German, making her father half-Chinese and half-German. Her mother is Chinese. Angela was born in Shanghai on February 28, 1989 and moved to Hong Kong when she was 13. She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

3. She became a model when she was only 14. She explained that it started of as a joke in an interview. "When I was 14, my classmates sent a snapshot I had taken of myself to an artist management agency as a joke. Kim, who is my manager now, saw it and asked me to come in for casting." 

(Photo: Angela at 15.)

4. She has been dating one of the top Chinese leading men, Huang Xiao Ming, since 2010. They just got married on May 27 in a surprise wedding by registration. They plan to hold a formal wedding in October, but they'll still be too busy to take off for a honeymoon. As they are very active in social media, Huang first posted their marriage certificates on Weibo to announce their marriage news.

It's been suspected that Angelababy is pregnant, but we won't find out either way for 3 months because, by Chinese custom, pregnancy news is only confirmed after 3 months.

5. People have wondered if Angelababy has had plastic surgery. Her critics point to these photos as proof:

Angelababy said she was wearing braces in photos such as the one on the left. Her boyfriend (now husband) Huang Xiao Ming has defended her by joking that Angelababy looks like her pre-surgery photo if she doesn't have makeup on. He also said that he loves Angelababy, both her beautiful and ugly sides. He emphasized that her most attractive feature is her cute personality.

Can someone please give Huang Xiao Ming a Best Boyfriend Award?

6. She has made over a dozen movies in China, such as Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon, with increasing praise for her performance. On June 3, movie director Roland Emmerich tweeted that Angela will be joining Independence Day 2, the sequel to the 1996 block-buster hit about alien invasion starring Will Smith and Bill Pullman. Her first appearance in a Hollywood movie is in the action thriller Hitman: Agent 47, to be released in August.

(photo: Angelababy in Hitman: Agent 47)

We agree. Angelababy is definitely one of China's brightest rising young stars!

 Watch Angelababy this weekend in Running Man International. Check out the trailer below!

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