(Warning: Not for the faint of heart and overly optimistic. SPOILERS ahead for Playful Kiss, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Oohlala Couple, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, I Need Romance and Boys Over Flowers) It’s almost Valentine's Day, and every other thing out there is pink and red and full of hearts and puppies. You’ll probably hear about promises of eternal love and forever commitment and other sweet but mostly unrealistic scenarios. Call us pessimistic, but with divorce rates at 50% we need to bring everyone back to reality and make an ANTI-VALENTINES DAY POST! Behold, the six K-Drama relationships DOOMED TO FAILURE! 6. Playful Kiss playfulkiss This was a cute drama. Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo are an unlikely but adorable couple—isn’t this the way they all begin? This is also one of the most unrealistic and terribly uneven relationships in K-Drama history. He’s a conceited, perfectionist braniac who wants to be a famous doctor; she’s a not-so-bright, hardworking stalker whose most important ambition in life is to be with him. 65% of the reason why they’re together is probably because of Seung Jo’s persistent, meddling mother, (and another 30% is Ha Ni's own persistence, so that leaves probably 5% as Seung Jo's own willingness) so take away her superficial support and you can imagine what would happen. Eventually, Seung Jo is gonna find a lady that matches his own conceited swagger (or bests him at it, do I hear power couple?) Also though you can argue Ha Ni changes him, even up until the last episode Seung Jo claims “that it’s a given that a planet will orbit a star.” Uhhhh okay Seung Jo, so you’re the star and your wife’s the planet? We’re starting this marriage off right! 5. Oohlala Couple oohlala Let me just say, ladies and gentlemen, if you and your significant other divorce, you probably shouldn’t REMARRY. You’re divorcing for a reason, right? And in this case, infidelity! So tell me how the female lead Na Yeo Ok gets back with her cheating husband Go Soo Nam, giving up her sweet and loving first love in the process?? You know what they say…if he does it once, he’ll do it again! This has doomed to fail written all over it, NEEEXT! 4. Flower Boy Ramen Shop ramyun We’re all for unique relationships; older women should totally get with younger men—why not? But when it’s a grown teacher hooking up with a high school student…um, that’s just a little weird. In the real world, this would be the end of Yang Eun Bi’s professional career, Cha Chi Soo’s (family) name will also forever be smeared, and the two will probably end up resenting each other eventually. The ending of the drama also came with the closing of the ramen shop, which was the glue for the entire series. Now they’re all back at square one, not to mention what if Chi Soo goes to college? (and you know what happens when people go to college…). #FAIL 3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal sungkyun Some of these gender bender dramas are seriously questionable. Lee Sun Joon confesses his love to Kim Yoon Hee in episode 15 out of 20, which means Yoon Hee has been a man to him for, like ¾ of the total series. You grow to love a person for what you think that person is. After Yoon Hee reveals her gender, she is no longer the person he thought he knew. Think about it, Sun Joon is definitely coming to terms with his sexuality and he seems as straight as a Cheerio. 2. I Need Romance ineedromance In Young and Sung Soo have been together for 10 years, but Sung Soo has cheated on her twice and wasn’t remorseful until the very end of the drama where he grovels before her father to apologize. Perhaps it’s a moment of weakness, perhaps it’s the feeling of familiarity, but Seung Hyung ends up taking Sung Soo back. This could be a realistic twist where yes, many of us just can’t let go, no matter how many times the situation blows up in our faces; however, reality dictates that he took her for granted for far too long and cheated enough times that all this may happen again. (And it probably will. #failagain) 1. Boys Over Flowers boysoverflowers And finally, last but not least…(saesung fans look away) Geum Jan Di and Goo Jun Pyo is the last couple on the list DOOMED TO FAILURE. Why? You mean, aside from the fact they’re all inexperienced teens in high school, Jun Pyo has a ridiculously scary mother, and they have the biggest class difference in the world? The initially feisty and strong Jan Di’s descent into spineless, sad creature tortured by Jun Pyo’s unreachable world just goes to prove it: sometimes a big difference makes the difference. She will always have to live under the shadow of the great (and spoiled) Jun Pyo, not to mention—she used to be his personal maid, how weird is that? ----   Do you have a drama couple you’re pretty sure won’t last? Comment with your prediction!