Have you ever come across a K-drama and asked, "HOW COULD THEY END IT THERE?!" or "...Is that it?" Has there ever been a drama where you wished that there could be a longer story for the couple who finally ended up together? Well, here are 6 K-dramas we wish at least had a better ending, if not a second season!

Warning: There may be spoilers...we are talking about the endings after all! If you haven't watched the end of these dramas (and why haven't you, really?) then I suggest you do not venture further before it's too late!

1. Han Gyul and Go Eun-Chan (Coffee Prince)

So, we do know that Eun-Chan does come back to Han Gyul in preparation for the opening of the "Coffee Princess" franchise, but then what happens next? Will the business run as smoothly as the "Coffee Prince" did, or not? What will be the official ending for the loving couple? Honestly, it doesn't really matter much to me how the story goes, but I've just missed them terribly and I desire to see them in another drama together again ;) Anyone else agree?

2. Choi Kang-Chi and Dam Yeo-Wol (Gu Family Book)

So, we know from the ending that Kang-Chi and Yeo-Wol meet each other centuries later in the present as the 'modern' version of themselves from the past. But my biggest question is, will their present selves be the same as their past selves? Will it be as crazy and wacky as their past lives were, or will it be something entirely different? I think all of us, as die-hard fans of the drama, want to know~~ Please, a second season will do perfectly!

3. Lee Shin and Shin Chae-Kyung (Goong)

Now, that ending...I think most of us were very, very unsatisfied with that ending. What did it exactly suggest? Is it really implying what we were all thinking at that moment? If so, HOW COULD THEY END IT THAT WAY?! We have to know, we MUST KNOW! What if she....what if she really was...AHHHH not fair!! That second season has got to shed some light as to whether or not it is true that she is actually, ya know...

4. Goo Joon-Pyo and Geum Jan-Di (Boys Over Flowers)

For true fans of the drama (including myself!), we all know that Jan-Di doesn't really end up accepting Joon-Pyo's proposal at the end, and we are left with an ambiguous ending where we make up the ending for ourselves. Now, where is the fun in that? Come on writers, give us an ending please. If not, then how about a second season where Jan-Di makes a decision and we go from there? Maybe Joon-Pyo goes on to continue his journey in becoming a successful businessman, while we see Jan-Di's journey in medical school. How cool would that be?

5. Joo Joong-Won and Tae Gong-Sil (Master's Sun)

From the picture alone, it should be obvious to us all that we have not had enough of their sizzling chemistry on screen, and that we desire to see more from this cute couple. How about a second season where their little ghost stories continue and we discover why Joong-Won is able to reflect the ghosts away? They never answered that question in the first season, so it would be quite interesting if they looked into that. Come on Hong Sisters, you can do it!

6. Do Min-Joon and Cheon Song-Yi (My Love From Another Star)

An extension episode wasn't enough; we want more! Maybe more funny stories/episodes of when Min-Joon arrives and departs from Song-Yi? For example, he drops in at a certain awkward moment, etc...Alright, I'm just making stuff up. Was it not obvious that we had not had enough of their cute and funny moments and wanted more? I'm sorry, I guess I'm still recovering from that 'loss of life's purpose' stage *sigh*.

So, were there any other K-drama couples who you just couldn't let go? Any unsatisfying endings for our loving leads that you wish could be corrected? Leave a comment down below for us all to chat and share!

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