This year, the K-pop scene will be full of friendly, new faces ready to show their years of hard work and training as big companies like SM Entertainment and Starship Entertainment are set to debut new rookie groups. But just who are these new groups that will ruin our social lives and bias lists? Well, to quench your curiosity, here is a list of 6 K-pop groups set to debut in 2016.

1.) Cosmic Girls

On December 4, 2015, Starship Entertainment and YUEHUA Entertainment announced a collaboration group by the name of Cosmic Girls. The group consists of twelve Chinese and Korean members and will be the largest active girl group when they debut, which both companies say will be their greatest strength. Their talents in singing, acting, and dancing create an overall star quality that will set them apart from other groups. Along with this, they are set to be active in both Korea and China, making them an anticipated addition to the Asian music industry. 


Star Empire will be debuting their first boy group in five years with the five-member group IMFACT. The group has gained quite a bit of interest due to their participation in the composing and writing of their music and are already set to debut their first album on January 27, making them the first group to debut this year. They are also set to have more than one comeback this year, which will hopefully give them even more publicity. 

3.) SR15B (S.M.Rookies) 

S.M.Rookies is a pre-debut team project by SM Entertainment designed to showcase rookies and the life of trainees to the public before their official debut, but it has recently been announced that the male S.M.Rookies group, SR15B (which stands for SM Rookies 2015 Boys), will debut later this year. Although there has only been official confirmation of seven members, there are rumors that the group will consist of nine members of diverse nationalities. These boys will be the first boy group to debut from SM Entertainment since EXO, creating high expectations and excitement for their upcoming debut. 

4.) Neoz

After introducing their new training system called Neo School, FNC Entertainment is preparing to debut its first class, Neoz, who will be the company's very first dance group. The nine-member boy group has not had a debut date set, but they will be releasing their first album within the next year. Not much else is known about the group, but their fans are excited to see what will come next from them and their company.

5.) Pentagon 

Cube Entertainment is debuting a new boy group later this year under the tentative name Pentagon, creating speculations of a five-member group, but this has not yet been confirmed. Although a lot of the information regarding the group is being kept secret, there are a few details that have been released. All of the possible members are skilled trainees, with some coming from overseas and others specializing in composing and producing music. It has also been confirmed that they will have a very different image from that of their predecessors, making fans curious of what to expect from this mysterious group.  


ASTRO, Fantagio Entertainment's new six-member boy group, kicked off their promotions late last year by showing off their acting skills in their web-drama To Be Continued and are set to debut in February of this year. Despite not being an officially debuted group, these boys already have a solid, growing fan base and had already had their first fan-meeting back in December, making them one of the most anticipated K-pop debuts of this year.

You can get pumped for ASTRO's debut with the reality series ASTRO OK Ready, where fans can go behind the scenes and see the daily life of these idols as they prepare for their big debut. The series will premiere in February on DramaFever. Sign up for series alerts HERE! While you wait, check out their short web series To Be Continued below:

Who are you most excited to debut? Any groups we missed? Let us know in the comments below!