Moms are an invaluable existence: she cares for you, cooks for you, guides you, and nags at you. For better and for worse, she does it all out of love. To celebrate Mother’s Day here in the United States this Sunday, here are 6 K-pop songs to celebrate your Mom or the Mother figure in your life!

1. Infinite – Mom

“How should I start this awkward confession?” youngest member SungJong sings in the beginning of “Mom” from their 2013 single Destiny. Even though she gave birth to him, he has a hard time saying the words “I love you” to her. The sons leave off saying the words for another time, continuously another time: “Because you’re always close by, because you always said it’s OK.” You never necessarily forget to feel love and thanks towards your mother, but sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to say it aloud either! Be like SungKyu in the chorus and confidently say, “Love you, I really wanted to tell you, I love you!”

2. Girls’ Generation – Dear Mom

“I will become a warmhearted person / I will become a person that puts others first / I will fulfill the wishes of your love / The person who I share my dreams with.” In the song, the home sick daughters reflect on their mother’s warmth, guidance, and presence. The popular girl groups’ ballad to their mother was released in 2010 on their first live album Into the New World.

3. Dynamic Duo ft. Ra. D - Mother’s Soybean Paste Soup

Ah, mom’s cooking! I have been spoiled with the food she makes. No restaurant or chef can live up to her cooking. In “Mother’s Soybean Paste Soup”, Dynamic Duo raps about a hard-working man downtrodden from his stressful life, missing his mother’s soybean paste soup. The soup is a comforting reminder of a much more simple time in his life.

4. T.O.P – Oh Mom

In “Oh Mom” the BIGBANG member is faced with a sad situation and doesn’t know how to deal with it. He pleas, “Oh mom, what should I do mom?” The rock genre of the track lends to his feelings of frustration and desperation. The song is from the 2010 debut album from his unit with fellow BIGBANG member G. Dragon appropriately titled GD&TOP.

5. Ra.D – Mom

“My mother / Why are tears falling like this? / The most precious person / Who is more beautiful than anyone else,” Ra. D sings in “Mom.” The beautiful piano ballad from 2013 shows that love between her mother and child is an irreplaceable, priceless gift.

6. G.O.D – To My Mother

Moms have the world’s toughest job entailing no pay and unlimited hours. “To My Mother” is the debut song from G.O.D that tells about a hard-working single mom’s selfless dedication to raising a child on her own. The classic music video from 1999 is a tearjerker starring a very young Jang Hyuk.

Photo credit: Woollim / SM / Amoeba Culture / YG / Loen / Sidius HQ

Cheers to all the Moms out there! Do you have a favorite song about Mom? Share with us in the comments below!