For almost 10 episodes, My Shy Boss has made us comfortable with the fact that open displays of affection may never come for our main leads.Woo Il may have been blunt with Ro Woon's older sister, but we thought he would be the only one. The writers took a turn down sexy lane as they continue to spice up the series episode after episode. With four episodes left, we don't know what to expect!

While the production teams thinks of new ways to enhance the series, let's revisit 6 mind-blowing moments that made us blush.

1. Kang Woo Il and Chae Ji Hye's one night stand.

We may not have witnessed all the passionate details, but the series gave us a great hint when Ro Woon's older sister took a drunk Woo Il home. Of course, this was after their steamy kiss in the bar moments earlier. We quickly learn their night together was a contributing factor in her suicide.

2. Ro Woon spent the night in her bosses' bedroom.

After Eun Hwan Ki and Kang Woo Il get drunk one night, Ro Woon is the only sober one at the table. She helps them both to their room and ends up sleeping in the same bed with them all night. It was beyond awkward for her to leave their room the next morning. 

3. Eun Hwan Ki's sexy gaze at Chae Ro Woon during his makeup scene.

Who didn't swoon when Hwan Ki finally made eye contact with Ro Woon after episodes of avoiding it. He not only gazed lovingly into her eyes, but her entire face! He was making great progress from his usual introverted self in the name of love.

4. Eun Hwan Ki boldly coming out of his shell with a sexy shower kiss.

After almost 10 episodes of agonizing shyness, Hwan Ki realizes he could lose the woman he loves if he doesn't start standing up for himself. The thought of losing her forever encouraged him to do a presentation and the iconic shower kiss.

5. Ro Woon finally realizes her boss has been loving and protecting her from afar for three years.

When Ro Woon accidentally runs into one of her father's regular customers one night, she realizes it's her sweet boss! In the midst of him watching over her after her sister's death, he fell for her and began showing his affection.

 6. Our two main leads set kissing goals again with their second ardent lip lock.

If the shower kiss wasn't enough for you, the intense smooch in Hwan Ki's bedroom should make you turn bright red. Viewers thought it was too much to expect a peck on the cheek from the painfully shy character. No one thought he was capable this type of affection. Did I forget to mention she spent the night with him for the second time?

Are there any more eye-opening scenes that flustered you?

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